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WTB- Kamado in New England

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Hi folks, I'm looking for a kamado & have been looking locally but not having much luck. If anyone has one to sell or know's where I can get a great deal on a new or used one I'd appreciate it. I live in NH & would be willing to drive for the right unit so I listed all of New England just to make sure. I've been looking at the Kamado Joe's but not sure I can justify the cost on a new one even though they look like a great cooker, I've also been looking at the Vision's online but can't find one locally to check out in person. I checked out the BGE in person & those are out, also not interested in a Primo unless it's the oval. Anything anyone can do to help I'd appreciate it, thanks!

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9 hours ago, Mewantkj said:

I am just outside Boston. I am not selling any of my KJs, but you can check out the KJCII, Jr, and 2014 bigjoe in my yard. 

Thanks for the generous offer but that's what is getting me in trouble already. I checked out the KJ's at Cabela's & then Kitchen & Company a few times. Really REALLY nice cookers but I should keep my eyes on an Akorn since that really makes more sense for me budget & use wise. 

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