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Annual Physical

mike echo

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All good. Have a new Doc (always drives anxiety).


One result is that I need some more iron in my diet.


Googled that one and found  that there is heme and non heme iron. Found that unless one gets a specific iron only tab, many multi vitamins contain 0 iron.

Another litigation issue probably. Seems like too much iron causes heart related problems. What amount is too much iron I wondered (to avoid excess iron)?  Never did find a good answer to that.


I am amazed at the technical details about just about anything health related, words written showing  pretty much everything is bad for one's health.  Even stuff that we must do on a daily basis.  I.e. eat food.  Maybe the trend is too many pay little attention to what they eat and when, then  expect a physician to work a miracle when they "hit the wall".


No matter to me as I plan to get my iron by........... eating food. KJ will help with that.



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