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Kitchen Aide Long slot toaster

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My wife and I love artisan breads, both those we bake in our Egg and those we buy at a local bakery. We had a standard Cuisinart toaster which worked farily well on standard bread slices but required two toasting cycles to fully toast a long slice of artisan bread. Most artisan loaves are round which creates different length slices and  the middle loaf slices can be quite long. After a lot of research we selected the Kitchen Aide long slot toaster. It general recives about 4.5 stars in most reviews and is touted for even toasting and longevity, as it is all metal in construction. Although, like most products it did recive some negative reviews. The negative reviews seem to focus on the location of the controls which are one the side of the toaster. Most other long slot toasters like the, Brevile, have the controls located  on one end. Negative rap on end located controls, however, say the location of the elements create uneven toasting with a light stripe down the middle.  On the Kitchen Aide site it is priced at $129.00, we bought it on Amazon for $75.00. Got it yesterday and immediately tossed in a couple of long middle slices of wonderful artisan sourdough for what we call avacado toasties. Very, Very, happy with this toasters performance at this point. Even, effortless, pieces of perfect toasted sourdough in a single toasting cycle. That combined with the fact that it looks really cool and my wife dosent mind it setting on the counter.  I will contine to experiment with it, on bagles and other breads. However, so far it seems like a winner. If your looking for a toaster that will accomodate artisan breads, you might want to take a look at this one. 



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