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Warranty thanks KJ

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I just wanted to put a thanks for the warranty response for KJ. I had the ring that encompasses the ash pan crack, and I placed a claim last week. I got the new piece today and am kicking it up with some smashburgers. Also, I like their new warranty claim site...although 1mb pic is a little small to upload pictures...I had to resize them on my computer rather than sending it all from my cell.

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Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you see it, I’ve had to file claims for cracked firebowls for both my Classic and Jr.  I have been using Weber grills for years and thought their warrant handling couldn’t be beat but after the responses I have gotten from KJ,  I think they have met their match.  I filed my last claim on a Sunday evening and had a new firebowl delivered on Wednesday morning.   I also had to mess with file sizes a little to attach the, but that really wasn’t an issue.  Great service. Just hope they can keep the same level of customer service as they continue to grow. 

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