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SRF ribcap gold grade cook

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I posted before how pleased I was with SRF and their customer service. They sent me a second one, since my first rib cap arrived thawed, and I got to cooking it. While I did not execute it quite as perfectly as my first cook, it was really dang good. Way up there. I just seared it on the first side just a tad too much.  I resolved this by flipping it and finishing it on the main grate. Saved it but it wasn’t as perfect as it could have been. 2ED54DFA-C60B-4141-9FBC-A61AAD20FEA3.thumb.jpeg.5b5c150968465f82c71f8dc396fb5363.jpeg1F5C6C64-BE9B-47E3-A502-F2398856A3A2.thumb.jpeg.7369b57ffe80ea27e18d378db2251242.jpegB4793E1A-7113-4BC6-A09F-2E1E25950117.thumb.jpeg.23d7432ddce821cb70c6887fcd08b8d4.jpeg

oh and I made pie. I am getting good at making pie.  


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7 hours ago, ckreef said:

Ribcap looks awesome to me. Sure glad I didn't pick desert for this months challenge ;)


It actually was going to be - All I Want for Christmas is My 2 Sweet Teeth - but then @Smoke and Awe came up with "Let's Take Sides".


I have yet to do desserts on the kamado. I love Smokey flavor, but even with just charcoal I don’t know how I feel about desserts and smoke. 

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