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First cook starting now!


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Bringing her up to temp for the first inaugural cook. 8lb Boston Butt from Costco with Code 3 Spices Rescue Rub and apple wood for smoke. Plan to cook at 250 overnight and foil with apple juice at 160. Estimate 12-14 hours with current outside temp 30 degrees with light snow!


Tried to attach picture but when I try to upload is says error. Can't wait!

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Good luck Polaris and I don't envy you at all with those temperatures although grilling a nice hunk of meat on the Kamado would make up for it somewhat :-o

Its 28 C here at the moment and I currently have my first Boston Butt resting in the esky after a 15 hour cook. It was an 8 pounder as well.

All the best mate and hope to see some pics soon.



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Currently at 7.5 hours, little weird thing happening. First 4 hours my Weber Igrill ambient probe and Kamado Joe thermometer were very close to the same reading. Woke up and see that the igrill probe only reading 225, however the Joe was reading 250. The snow and wind really picked up a lot over the night and I'm not sure which temperature reading to believe. I'm going to go with the Igrill as its at grill grate height. Looking at my grapes of temperatures overnight it appears the butt has just reached a stall as it stopped moving upwards and hit a plateau. 


Any idea which temp I should believe? I'm thinking the intense wind and snow are playing with the temp reading differential between the two. Thanks!

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