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I’m having this issue where my lid will not stay open. My joe is 2 weeks old. It’s the 2017 version. I’ve tried reading online to find a fix and I’m just stuck


what I have tried to do so far is hold the bottom bolt and take the top but and screw it counter clockwise(doing it is just weird and awkward ). The top and bottom never touched but they got close. I figured I wasn’t doing anything when I noticed nothing had change. 


Can an anyone be if any help. I’ll even trade you one of my recipes 



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I am 99% certain you want the expand the distance between the nuts and compress the spring underneath the washer.  


It it might be easier to look at the manual, than rely on us. With my Classic, I had to make quite an adjustment, but it has worked out great since.  

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    • By Jnoles
      Just bought a Kamado Joe Classic II about 5 days ago. Love almost everything about it so far but there is one thing that has me a bit concerned. The hinge seems to be making an audible creaking noise both when being opened and closed. I didn’t notice this at all when I first bought the cooker. Didn’t really seem to notice until after the 2nd cook or so. Is this a common sound with the grill, or something that will go away with time, or is this something I should be investigating? Hinge seems to work fine. I did tighten it to fine tune it but other than that it’s just the sound. 
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      After assembling the grill and doing the first burn I noted that the lid is now canted down and back.  This results in a gap at the back of about 1/2 inch and the front of the lid is positioned 1/2 inch toward the back.   Because of that position, the piston that the lid plate rests on is too far back and keeps the lid raised slightly.  
      I finally was able to speak with PB customer service.  They advised to add washers to the hinge bolts to change the angle of the lid.  After taking the hinge off, I find it impossible to get it back on the bolts.  Has anyone had this problem?  Was I foolish to follow instructions from customer service?  Aaaarrrggghhh!!!
      I'll be on the phone to them again tomorrow.  Sigh...
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      Would anyone here know where I may be able to find the hinge assembly for a large big green egg?  The shell is in good shape but the hinge, bands and firebox have seen better days.  I would rather purchase used vs buy new if anyone has an old one laying around.  Thanks for reading! - J
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      Hi There, I'm in search of some parts for a large BGE.  Specifically the belly band hinge system.  I'm attempting to bring some new life to an old BGE so I'll take any parts I can get as the hardware on this kamado is in rough shape but the shell is pristine.  Thanks for taking the time to read.  Please let me know if you have any questions. - Jeremy
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      Hi everyone,
      Thanks for making me get a Kamado Joe.  I have had it for 3 weeks and it has made some of the best meals from the backyard that I have ever had.
      Well today I was shocked to see that the dome is not closing flush on the hinge end. Also, I noticed that the hinge is getting worn when I open the lid and is chipping the paint now.
      I wonder if this occurred when I had by KJ up to 700F on tuesday?!
      Anyway, what should I do here?

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