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Inkbird Temp Probe

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I bought this Inkbird 6-probe temp probe I saw on another smoker site.  I buy probes a lot, and they all eventually die.  So I decided I wanted to try a cheaper probe since they all have problems eventually anyway.  




At first I had some issues with it, but now I’m going to have to give it some kudos.  


So the first one I got had issues where a couple of the probes would read hundreds of degrees off.  They said the issue is that you need to use alkaline batteries.  I was, but I still had the issue.  The sent me a replacement, and it is great when I use new batteries, but gets really strange when the batteries get low.  Like I’ll have 5 probes in the air reading 67 degrees, and the one probe will read 232 degrees.  As long as I have new batteries they’re all within 1-2 degrees.  


If you can get past that, it’s great.  It uses a pretty generic BBQ Go app which you can customize so I like it.  But what made me really decide to write a review is that I decided to use my iGrill2 at the same time as this Inkbird for today’s brisket cook.  The smoker was in the driveway.  When I am sitting in my kitchen the Inkbird stays connected 100% of the time.  Literally 0 disconnections.  The iGrill2 would only stay connected when I was closer to the smoker, or outside and had a line of site.  It would disconnect every time I came back inside the house.  

They both had relatively similar temperatures, so I was fine with that.  But the fact that the cheap Inkbird with 6 probes stayed connected the entire time made me really like it.  


So if you’re willing to make sure you have strong batteries, I’d recommend giving it a shot.  

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Update:  I don't like it anymore.  

I changed the batteries to BRAND NEW batteries last week, and it simply won't work anymore.  I get wild temperatures.  Some were reading 45 degrees in my house, others were reading 200+ degrees.  


It's nice when it works, but it's insanely fickle with what batteries you use.  

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