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Golden's Cast Iron Kamado Review request

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I may eventually be in the market for a second kamado (I own the Blaze aluminum kamado and love it), and wanted to know if anyone owns the Golden's cast iron kamado. If anyone owns this kamado or knows someone with the kamado, would you mind giving an update? I assume that this kamado cooks quite evenly (considering its mass) since my Blaze performers so well. I am a huge fan of anything made of cast iron, but was curious how easy it was to get the Golden's to pizza/searing temperature (600+ degrees). I made pizzas the other night on my blaze and think I did not add enough charcoal for a total of (4) pizzas to stay at 550-600 on a cool night; I blew through all of my charcoal quiskly. Also, has anyone smoked something like a brisket (12 plus hours) and noticed much temperature variance (My blaze does quite well). 


Why do I want a second kamado you ask?

1. Because I want to be able to cook multiple meats at different temps at the same time, or perhaps smoke one thing while using the rotisserie on the Blaze.  

2. I want to be able to cook a lot of food (I enjoy cooking for others) 

3. I'm a like a kid with his toys; my toys now revolve around food and beer... 



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Not sure I've seen anyone post that they own a CI kamado although I think there is a post about them on here somewhere. 


As for multiple kamados - most of us understand the need for that. I currently have 3 ;)



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I own one and love it. Have made pizzas several times that came out great. (full disclosure, I'm part of the company that makes them in Columbus GA!)


As for totally independent experiences on Golden's Cast Iron Cooker, you might want to check out some of Lunchman's posts on BBQ-Bretheren. There are others out there as well.


Good luck!


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    • By HokieOC
      I have the cast iron griddle for my KJ and have used it on the top position.  I'd like to try steaks seared on the lower position, or pork chops like in John's new video.  But with CI, especially at high searing temps, wouldn't not only the temp but proximity to the fire burn the seasoning off?
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      Hi All,
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      Wanted to try something a bit different this weekend and utilize the new Lodge grill press I got.  Decided to grill a pork tenderloin then thin slice it and make Cuban sandwiches on the ribbed side of the cast iron griddle.  They turned out really well, and I think I might actually be starting to get the hang of getting the grill up to higher temps quickly--don't want to jinx it tho (past efforts have taken much longer than expected and often not reached desired temp).
      Did a 4-5 hour marinade on the tenderloin in a mixture of sauteed onions/garlic, salt, pepper, orange juice and lime juice.  Cooked at 375, flipped after eight minutes, again after another eight as it wasn't as done as I'd like it, took it off after about 20 mins and wrapped it to rest while I build the sandwiches and brought the press and a small CI pan up to temp on the grates.  Sliced after a 10 minute or so rest, it was very tender and not at all dry which I'd read several accounts of that being a problem with tenderloins.  Four mins per side with the sammies and they were good to go.  Pretty easy and will definitely be doing this one again.  I couldn't find Cuban bread so tried Portuguese rolls which I think worked out well but next time with more notice I'd track down the real thing.

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      I've had some KJ Big Block Lump Charcoal for a while now and finally got around to opening up a few bag. Here is a review of it.
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      Pushed the large pieces to the left to get a better look

      And now a 6" ruler and a business card from some size relationship.

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      Two successful cooks in, stored Akorn on covered patio, vents open. Two weeks after no cooking, surface rust on what I thought was a well seasoned grate. Coated with vegetable oil after use. 
      What is best why to store akorn? Vents open? Vents closed?