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    • By Lesta80
      -13DegF this morning when I fired up the keg and put on a lamb shoulder! (-25DegC). I didn’t see any need to change my normal process - Just threw in some Jealous Devil lump, a single fire starter and some bourbon soaked hickory blocks. 40 mins to get the coals going and reach 210.
      In my defence, it was beautifully and sunny outside, but cold - It’s not gonna get much warmer than that for the next 5 days in Calgary!
      Anyone done a cook at colder ambient temperatures?

    • By Lesta80
      No more to say really...  2 years now with the keg, no regrets  - Except for the time I cleaned the outside with cleaner and ruined the finish! But it doesn’t affect the cook!!!!

    • By Spaggy
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