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Intro and a cool story


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Greetings from Nor Cal 

  I started learning about ceramic bowl cookers about 36 hours ago so yes I am the newb of newbs on this.

I have been helping a friend whose house was totally destroyed in the recent Northern California fires . I have been working at the site many times and just discovered this gem yesterday.   It was buried under one of the few semi-standing stucco walls.  I was amazed that it still looked in great shape. There was one tile knocked off the lid where 2000 pounds of tile roof and stucco fell on it. I called the owner and he says "you can have it".  Got a truck with a lift and some muscle and it has made it to my front driveway. 

 It has a 22" grate and a very nice dolly. It did get very hot and about 50 of the tiles fall off with a simple touch.  The propane starter is destroyed but the side tables and lid lift work perfect. The dolly wheel bearings melted which really makes moving it a chore. I think this will be the first thing I fix.





I know what I will be obsessed with until I get a pork shoulder in there.


Hope I attached the photo correctly. I have many more but I'm tired and my back hurts for some reason



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Nice score!!! Welcome to the forum and the world of Kamado cooking. That unit looks like

a K7 from Richard Johnson and is in great shape. It appears to be one of his earlier models 

because of the wheel base design. He changed to a tiled base with wheels on later units.

There are a couple of threads on this site under the "Other Kamados" section here...


with information about restoring this brand.


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Out of tragedy comes Joy:) So sorry for your friend and all those folks up in Napa and now pretty much all across California.Wildfire is a ravenous monster for sure.Our house is right in the middle of fire country and we also live with that threat every day. Ksqrd is correct there ae several posts both in DIY and other kamados which detail several restorations. Enjoy your find, and the work to make her breath fire again. 

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