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Bringing grill home


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I just upgraded from my steel kamado to a ceramic (yeaaaaaaaah)!  Its being assembled at the store i purchased it at, so how do i get my new baby home safely? I have a minivan and only live a mile from store.   Any suggestions would be appreciated .

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On 12/15/2017 at 10:58 PM, daninpd said:

"When you need to move, the only thing better than having a pickup is having a friend with a pickup".  I don't know where that came from, but it still applies.  Get a truck.  Home Depots rent them by the hour.





I will always have a truck.


If for no other reason it's mighty handy to drop the tailgate and use it as a grilling table, lol.    I do this all the time.


























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Ideas from a guy who made mistakes.


An assembled unit is for use, not transport. It is in some ways fairly delicate not boxed for transport.


Whatever you do, treat the ceramic carefully. If you crack it or even hairline crack it you now have problems .


Assembled at store is great. Remind them that transporting an assembled unit is problematic. Ask them if they will deliver it. Offer up a small  fee offer if they are stand offish. I would hope not.


If you use a truck or trailer make sure the unit is strapped down well. Even with the store close, that makes no difference.


Notice the word strapped. Not tied with a line of sorts.


I would not lay it on its side. Not sure if the design of any ceramic  allows for strength in the design of the unit on its side.


Make sure you have some strong backs to help you. Lifting/moving a ceramic needs to be done after checking the manual for best lift points. In my case, KJ was specific.


You may consider removing some of the internals to make it lighter. Yes, we get that kind of negates having it store assembled.


I used my Odyssey to bring my boxed  KJ home.  I had by strong 19 year old footballer to help. I drove to a spot where I would place it very nearby.






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You need 4 strong friends, my Pitboss 24 was a real struggle for the wife and I and it was not put together.

As to a pickup truck, you will need to "pick up" the cooker to put it in the bed which, IMHO is near impossible.

Much better would be a low slung trailer.

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I had to unbox mine to fit it into the Murano we had at the time and strapped it in with blankets.  I would think you should be able to put it in  your minvan through the sliding doors, just get rid of the 2nd row of seats.  Strap it to the passenger seat if you cant secure the straps anywhere else.  Costco helped me load it into the car and I was on the road for the next hour making the 60 miles trek home.


I had a buddy help me lift it from the car to the nest, the wife helped guide, and we emptied the internals to make it lighter.  If I remember correctly, the lid was already on the Joe when it was unboxed.  Hope that helps.

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I've not had to move an assembled grill, but I have moved several large, heavy things (for myself as well as for friends).  I love my cheap Harbor Freight tilt trailer for these tasks.  The bed tilts so the rear edge is on the ground and can be slowly moved back into travel position thus no lifting required and I can use my hand truck or dolly to load without having to lift.  You'll still need to secure for transport.

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Thanks for all the tips....., kinda all over the map but I used a little of everything ( except for truck) and it’s home safely. Hardest part was getting it up 16 steps. Haven’t fired it up yet. I grill all winter long but it’s going to be 10 below and that’s just  to cold to enjoy first cook. 

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