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Cast Iron Cooking Grate is very Rough

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Hi All,


I just purchased an Akorn. As I am working to season the cast iron cooking grate, I am finding that it is very rough. Almost the consistency of 40 grit sandpaper. When I rubbed on the oil for the seasoning process it shredded both paper towels and a terry cloth rag. It almost seemed to tear apart the aluminum foil I used to clean up after the first cook.


Has anyone else experienced this problem and do you have tricks/tips to correct it?


Thanks, Brad

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I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Food grease will take over where you left off.  I have a Keg & two Akorn Jr's all with cast iron.  The grates will build up on their own.  I like to heat my grates up before every cook and scrape off any crud, then I install my diffuser and drip pan for low & slow.

Your biggest concern will be to leave them for long periods of time after a high heat cook.  That would burn off your seasoning and they might begin to rust.

A nice pork butt or some chicken legs would be a good way to break in your cooker and add some seasoning to the grate.

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John Setzler's got a thread on polishing cast iron cookware and re-seasoning for better food release that would give you guidance on correcting the problem if it's a problem. It's not for me, but my grate gets a lot of fat, and as K'man notes, food grease takes over if you let it. I've never had issues with CI grate rust on my 2-barrel, and the Akorn's less susceptible. 


Have fun,


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Thanks for the replies guys. Last weekend was a chicken and today a bone in turkey breast. Next weekend I think I will do some ribs.


I will try and remember to post back to this thread on how I think the grates are performing in a month or so.



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I`m guessing you got the large Akorn? I have the small Akorn and I bought a coated steel grate from weber. The smokey Joe grate is the same size as the Akorn Jr. Don`t have to worry about seasoning. Just hit with brush or stone after grilling. You might want to check to see if other grates will fit your Akorn.

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