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    • By KamadoHop
      I have done NY style crusts successfully recently but really wanted to try my hand at achieving a Neapolitan style pizza. 
      I used the recipe found at https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/pizza-and-flatbread-recipes/neapolitan-style-pizza-dough-recipe
       However, I did deviate a bit as I don’t have a scale and couldn’t measure by weight. I also used White Lily bread flour as I couldn’t track down any “00” here locally. 
      10” stone + 1” ceramic spacers (3) atop the KJ deflector. KJ big block and Togo premium as full as I could get it safely. 
      The recipe calls all’s for a surface temp of 600° and that’s most likely accurate. My first pie was a bit over cooked but still good at a surface temp of around 650°. After getting the temp down closer to 600°, they did much better. I did a Canadian bacon/shredded Italian cheese mix for my two boys, a traditional mozzarella/basil for me, and a pesto/goat cheese for my wife. Everybody was happy.  Anyway, here they are:





      not everything went to plan though...
      This one didn’t cooperate coming coming off the peel.. 
      so so I got an undercooked loaf of bread. :D

    • By pesto3
      Had and idea for a different take on pork belly burned ends on the weekend. 
      Spun the belly on my KJ Jr Rotisserie 

      Once I had my crackle I removed the belly and reconfigured my jr. separated the crackle from the belly, set crackle aside and dice the belly into cubes. Put the belly into a pan with some gingerbeer and apple juice and put it back on the Jr, indirect covered in foil. 

      chooped the crackle into a rustic crumb and added some garlic chives. 

      Very happy with the result. My idea for the next one is the same process but with Asian flavours. 
      Thanks for looking!
    • By Motzki56
      I'm pround to be an owner of a brandnew Joe Jr. The challange startes now with an Enders Monroe gasgrill and an Davy Crockett pelletgrill.
      Lets have a look whats happened.
    • By jannisg
      Hi folks,
      Bought a Kamado Joe Big Joe a couple of months ago and am loving it.
      I'm now wanting to get the Junior for those quick after-work dinners where all I'm cooking is a quick steak or a pork chop.
      I've all but decided that the size and type of cooker is the right thing for this but one thing I cannot work out is how people do reverse sears on the Jr without the divide and conquer system?
      When doing a big tomahawk steak I would normally set it on the indirect half of the big joe at 225F then crank the temp and sear it on the other side over the coals.
      Any tips on how people do this on a Jr would be great.
    • By Paul
      Dec 7th Ace had the Jr on sale for 15% off and I spent all day at work pondering the purchase of this, turns out when I got home from work and got settled in I was 5 minutes past the deadline so I was not eligible for the sale price. Passed on the purchase that day.
      Fast forward to today. Decided to stop by a outdoor furniture and hot tub store(name purposely left blank) to check out the mini green egg. No sales price was listed at display. First question I asked sales lady was does it come with a heat deflector and was told all accessories were sold separately. She wrote down all the sku's and went to here computer and came back with the price $670.00 for the mini max egg with the place setter. I was totally blown away. She would not even come down knowing it was going to be a cash deal. I left without even knowing what price for the egg w/o the place setter
      I was so angry with the pompous salespeople at that store that I came home and promptly ordered the Kamado Joe Jr and paid full price without batting an eye
      If anyone knows the actual price of the mini max egg please let me know, I am convinced she was just giving me the high ball price. Needless to say I won't be stepping feet inside that store again
      I'll be enjoying the Jr next week
      Added note: for the Eggheads here, I have nothing but respect for the green egg product, it is the store that I had the issue with
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