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Christmas freebie?

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So today I got gifted a Big Green Egg. It is old, I know it...and has some problems that I am not sure can be remedied. Hence this post...


The dome says "Big Green Egg 3". It is 19" inside the lower shell at the top.


The firebox is shattered...some pieces less are than 3 square inches. The top" fire ring" is cracked and looks like it may go at anytime. The gaskets are both gone (I'm assuming there is a gasket that fits on, or under, the CI top vent otherwise the top vent is liable to fall off when the lid is raised. The cradle is funky  although solid but the whole setup is a little unstable and the Egg just sort of sits there not really secured. The lid doesn't open entirely upright (might not be unusual, I have no experience) and the dome therm has a very log probe (8"?) that just slips through a small hole and can come or go as it pleases. The springs on the hinge work but I feel like the dome  is always on the verge of falling.


I've attached some photos. Is this Egg worth refurbishing? Can I get a new firebox and top ring? Where does a heat deflector go? I have a simple fire grate and a cooking grate that sits on top of the fire ring which I would probably replace it is in bad shape.


I appreciate any help I can get.







20171227_154355 (1024 x 768).jpg



PS...I also got  a pretty clean Akorn together today--the one on the cart.

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Thanks but I don't know where to begin...if I thought that  a standard, contemporary BGE firebox was available I would be on my way, as who should say but this is an old egg...I need some advice.

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Can't really answer any of your BEG questions, maybe @keeperovdeflameWill be able to shed some light as he's probably one of the more active members that has egg knowledge.   I'm sure you can get replacements from them as soon as you determine which size you are dealing with.  Good luck. 

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