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Creosote build up on daisy wheel

T Mac

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I haven't seen anything posted on this... Does anyone have issues with creosote build up on their daisy wheel, at the top of their Joe?  Lately I have to take the whole assembly off and run it under hot water, just to open up the vent and to turn the wheel.  Next smoke, completely frozen from creosote and I have to take it off again, and again.  Any suggestions would be fantastic!

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      I am looking to buy a Kamado Grill/Smoker I am looking for advice from people that have actually purchased and used one. I am also looking to buy one reasonably priced, Best Bang for the Buck.  I really like the Kamado Joe but they are definitely a bit pricey. So all advice from experienced Kamado buyers and users are appreciated  
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      Hey everyone, first post.  Got my Akorn from my wife as a graduation gift a few weeks ago.  It is my first smoker, and first non-gas grill, so I know their is a bit of a learning curve.  First two cooks (pork butt, and whole chicken) turned out alright, and good respectively.  Tried to do a chuck roast to have pulled beef and it went terrible.  Would love some advice on what I might have messed up.
      Set up:
      big green egg lump charcoal
      Hickory chunks
      a few apple chips
      got the temp to about 240 dome when I put the roast (2.5 lb) on the grill. It was a little inconsistent heat (I haven't been able to get a solid burn yet) so it fluctuated between 200 and 300, but  nothing too huge.
      Once the roast his 165F, I put it in a foil pan, and covered it with foil, with a little liquid in the pan to help keep the moisture in.   I checked it once after about another hour, and the temp was at 195F, which is what I read was the right temp.  
      I removed it from the heat, and let it rest for about an hour, and when I removed the cover to pull it.  It was REALLY tough, and tough.  I don't really know what I did wrong,  did I need to have it much lower and longer?  
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    • By ebolamonkey
      Current Mods:
      Tip Top Temp
      This mod is fairly straight forward. I used the plate hangers that are found at either Homedepot or Lowes to mount the Tip Top Temp (TTT) on the top of the vent.
      Double Colander for Coal Dust
      I double up on colanders of two different sizes so that I can put my coal inside the colander and then the colander allows the coals to breathe but also catches all the dust. My first cook I used a single colander and then I shook it by accident when removing the remains and coal dust went everywhere. Lesson learned and I doubled up on the second attempt!

      Makes my life easier and I don't have to hassle with cleaning the darn thing. Not original idea as I got it from this guy on YouTube. He also cut his Pizza tray but I think that is a little too much.
      Terra Cotta Clay Pot
      Diamond 4.5" Blade and a Mini Angle Grinder were used to cut the Terra Cotta Clay Pot ($19.98 @ Lowes) to fit it up in side the bottom pit. This particular one from Lowes fits perfectly BUT you have to cut your shims that hold the stone deflector!

      How I cut the three-piece steel shims for stone deflector:
      Cut the two edges and then bend the living hell out of the shim until the four welds give out. Use a Dremel to clean the rough edges Welds do not interfere with the above Terra Cotta Clay Pot from Lowes  
      How I shaved off the top of the Terra Cotta Pot:
      Initial cuts were done around the diagonal pattern design but I need to redo it to make it a bit lower so that my pizza tray deflector doesn't choke the fire. However, my initial suspicions of the fire being choked have subsided because the grill is holding steady at 220*F. Might have taken a bit longer to get there though.
      The top grate does not sit flush and is being held up by my pizza tray and all the weight of the terra cotta clay pot is resting on the three sheet metal legs that supports the entire core at the bottom. Need to fix it after I am done with my initial cook on the pork baby back ribs.
      Lava Rock Gasket
      Plenty of information on this forum as to how this is done. I did the upper and bottom rims of the main lid, ash tray bottom pan to body area, as well as the air intake at the bottom to a very good seal. Judging by the smoke that comes out it is doing a fine job.
      Future Mods:
      Top hat to cover the TTT Deflector Drip Pan Mod (Make the Pizza pan a little more versatile and can hold some liquids) Might add a deeper dish in there to catch more items Could run a stainless steel line to the bottom as a permanent grease trapping solution into a grease keg  
      More to follow and happy grillin'!

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