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First timer doing half a rib in Umai bag

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Just wanted to make sure this seems like it's all going ok maybe some of you with experience can reassure me...


Couple of points about when i sealed:


I put my roast in the bag and noticed the entire bag width would fit inside my sealer, so i didn't do a corner or cross pattern seal, i assumed i didn't need to this is on;y done bc some bags being used are just too big for the sealer, but they do instruct you to make a cross seal so want to be sure that doesn't matter.


I placed the mouse with the short side facing up, as opposed to using the long side lengthwise across the bag.  i could not tell from the instructions which way you are supposed to orent the mouse it looked like they actually showed it going both ways in the instructions.


The mouse got a little wet with some juices while i was sealing, but not soaked.


I am about 6 days in now and the roast looks like the bag is sealed a decent amount tighter than before, and the color of the roast everywhere is that of a deep red almost as if some of the blood from inside the meat has come to the surface and is now on outside instead of in.


Does anything sound off about my process just want to make sure i shouldn't start over or anything, would hate to screw up this piece of meat it was not cheap

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