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KJ Classic Air Lift Question


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Hey all. I just joined the family a week before Christmas with a new Classic ll. So far...It’s Amazing! Struggling with a bit of learning curve...but that too shall pass. I’ve had no issues...until tonight. Went out to fire her up...lifted the lid...fell back down...I have not had any issues with the lid..stay put in any position...period. I assumed the hinge is all spring loaded etc...I’m in north central Florida...it’s been cold..lows near 25 last few nights. I was wondering if there is any type of hydraulic assist in the hinge that the cold temps could be playing heck with.?  If not...any ideas why it would suddenly and drasticly change? 

Thanks for all your help in advance. Have learned so much from you all reading the last couple of years..dreaming of the day...that finally came!

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Quick search found this. 





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Posted June 4, 2017


Hello... I have had mine now for around a month or so and can provide some feedback about the new hinge. Initially, mine was perfect right out of the box and the lid would normally stay put at pretty much any position. However, within a few days, it changed and loosened up to the point where it would only stay open when fully raised. Over those few days it had been raining a lot and was generally wet outside. After it dried up and didn't rain for a couple of days, the hinge tightened back up a bit and was more like it was initially. Funny, huh? I did go ahead and adjust the hinge, following the instructions I found here or online somewhere... The instructions were a little hard to follow, but once I figured it out, it was easy. I was able to do it with an adjustable wrench and pointy nose pliers, but I'm sure it is much easier with the 2 wrenches that fit properly... I bought some for next time. 


So, the adjustment worked well and when things are dry it is tight enough so that the lid raises extremely easy and will sit wherever you leave it and if it is wet or raining, it is a little looser, but still at a good resistance level. 


Funny how the moisture is definitely affecting the hinge mechanism, but I have monitored it long enough now to see that is clearly the case. Anyway, to make the adjustments, I recommend buying the wrenches you need and then it is no problem if you need to adjust on rare occasions. 




Posted April 12, 2017

Hey Chris. 


Its a simple solution.  There is a bolt that you can see on the hinge system from the inside when you open up the lid.  Tighten that bolt and you are good to go!  You can adjust it to whatever 'feels' right to you.  


If you find the bolt turning with the nut, simply hold the bolt from below with a pair of pliers and have someone tighten the nut at the same time.  Very easy adjustment. 





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3 hours ago, Ecoke said:

Thanks for the help. I guess I will hit the toolbox. Just seemed very odd it went from perfect to will not stay open even fully raised. Thanks again.


It sounds like things just loosened up a bit. The changing temperature probably didn't help this. A quick adjustment should solve the problem. 


Also springs themselves stretch over time with repeated use cycles. Even with my high dollar Komodo Kamado's (with spring assist) I've had to adjust the spring tension once every 6 months to a year. Eventually over time the springs will quit stretching as much so the adjustment interval gets longer and longer. 


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11 hours ago, Ecoke said:

I hit it with a wrench it took a hair over 3 turns to get it back they way it was. Surprising how much adjustment in just a bit over 2 1/2 weeks. Any way...great grilled salmon with bourbon dry rub tonight...yum!


i was l in the same place as you. The second time it needed to be adjusted I cranked it down. It appears to me much more stable. 

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Hmmm....scratching my head again tonight. I havent used the KJ since last Sunday. I get home tonight and go out to try out the kick ash basket deflector lifter that arrived today...and you guessed it...the lid won’t stay open after adjusting 3 1/2 turns a week ago. It stays open at full open, but nowhere in between. Last time it would not stay open at all. Just seems odd to me that it needs so much adjustment so soon. The only common denominator is that the 2 days I’ve had issues, both had heavy rain that day...I have not put the cover on it yet. Don’t see how rain would make a difference.

Any ideas or good guessers out there??

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ok so...this is where I am at. I adjusted the hinge nut maybe 1 1/2 - 2 turns testing it with each 1/4 turn as I went. it was almost perfect but the lid would drop when it was 3/4 of the way closed....no biggie except...the last tweak I did to tighten it a bit further, the nut bottomed out. So after 2 adjustments in just 3 weeks of ownership I have no future adjustment left. I have emailed KJ Support to let them know. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks all!

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I have noticed that in  moderate to heavy rain storms my lid will not stay up. It won’t come crashing down, but slowly descends. When the rain stops the lid stops dipping. I found it mildly annoying at first, but to be honest it has had no actual impact on me as I don’t have the lid open all that long, especially in the rain.

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