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Bone In Something Steak

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HEYYYYYY-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, KamadoJoooooo is baaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, I've had a few reds, so I'm gonna make an extra effort to keep this one clean for the more delicate among us :-D


So a few months ago, I saw some big, fat steaks on sale at the local Woolies (for you seppo's, think Ralphs, etc).  Bought em, vac sealed em, froze em, and forgot about em...

Until the weekend.

Sunday night, threw one in the Sous Vide at 50C, and let it sit.


FOR 2 DAYS!!!!!


Yep, I have no fear.   2 Days.   Like a boss.



It came out, looking like this:


mmmmmm, who wouldn't want a piece of this...?


Whack on some olive oil, salt and pepper:



and chuck the bugger onto a 480C hot KJ:



1 sneaky 90 degree rotate late, I flipped it, and oooh yeaaaahhh babyyyyy:



2nd side done, back on the plate, back inside.  Drool on the floor was a slip hazard:



Here's a cross-section, specifically cut for y'all:



This dirt-cheap hunk of meat was the best steak I've had in a long time.  All hail the sous vide and the brutal smokey heat of my round red friend.  It was a melt-in-the-mouth steak, and I'm sitting here - fat, dumb and happy with a gutfull of steak and wine and joy :-D


Happy 2018!!!!

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    • By Tim$BudgetBBQ
      Got some steak on clearance at Walmart. They had put some seasoning on the NY strip steaks that tastes like fajita meat. I cooked them up to 135 degrees using my indirect heat shield I designed and had a friend build for me. I finished the sear on the steaks using a piece of 1/4" plate steel I had custom cut at a fabrication shop. I bought the shrimp at Sams already on the skewers. I seasoned them with Slap Ya Momma Cajun seasoning and cooked them 4 minutes, 2 on each side, on the same plate steel. The steak came out medium to well (my smoking hot wife doesnt like medium rare) and the shrimp was on target.
    • By DerHusker
      To celebrate my new patio cabinets we invited some friends over so I thawed out a 2 1/2" ribeye steak I had in the freezer.

      I unwrapped it and seasoned with Primo Chicago Stockyard steak seasoning.


      I wrapped it up and let it take a 6 hour get happy rest. I now prepped some heirloom carrots

      and sliced them up so they were ready to steam right before we eat.

      Also washed and prepped some small potatoes so they were ready. Around 45 minutes before our guests arrived I started up the kettle. I tried my new Vortex out for this cook.

      Around 30 minutes before our guests arrived I put on the potatoes and the steak.

      It rode right about 330 degrees for the next hour.

      My friend had brought a Belgian Ale with him so we drank a glass of that while the meat and potatoes were cooking. Here it is once the meat alarm went off at 113 degree I.T.

      I remove everything and tented the steak with foil. We then cooked up some shrimp marinated in lemon juice and garlic that our friends had brought.

       I then opened open the vents and let the Vortex go nuclear.

      Once I thought it was like the sun I put the steak on for 60 seconds.

      Flipped it and let it cook another 60 seconds.

      I brought this in the house and let it rest for 10 minutes. I then cut the rib bone off

      and sliced it up into approximately 1/2" slices.

      I now placed the slices onto a wooden cutting board for serving and squeezed some blue cheese and herb compound butter on the top.



      I took this out to the table and we all served up a plate with the lemon garlic shrimp, baked potato and the heirloom carrots.

      So good!

      Thanks for looking.

    • By CheeseMcGee
      Hopefully life will start settling back down soon so I can get back on here and start cooking more often!  I decided I needed to at least get back into the swing of the monthly competitions just to get the muscles flexed again.  As this month's challenge is Salad for Dinner, so I had to give it a crack.
      With me working in Atlanta, I've fallen in love with Korean and Asian food in general.  One of my favorite new flavors is Bulgogi!  If you've never had anything marinated or glazed with a Bulgogi marinade or sauce, you don't know what you are missing.  For those that don't know, Bulgogi is a sweet and tangy sauce mainly flavored with pear juice.  It works with any meat, but I favor it with any cut of beef you can find.  I'm believe it would even make shoe leather quite palatable!
      Sadly, in my rush to get this done by tonight's deadline, I didn't take many photos of the process, not that there are a lot of steps to this one. 
      First, I marinated the steak overnight with a bottled bulgogi marinade, and threw in a little fresh garlic and ginger to punch up the flavor a bit more.  All I had in the fridge was a london broil, so that got the overnight bulgogi bath.

      Next it went on to a ripping hot grill to get some of that great grill flavor.  After a few minutes on each side, she was ready to take off the grill.

      While that was grilling, we cut up the lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers and made up some homemade Asian ginger dressing.  During that time, I also reduced the bulgogi marinade into a nice thick glaze by adding a bit of honey and cooking it down.  Doesn't it look amazing?!? 

      In the rush to get this into my pie hole, I forgot to get pics of the sliced meat, oh well.  Anyways, here is the final product!  

      Again, I highly suggest if you've not yet tried bulgogi, give it a shot.  It's great as a dip with asian foods as well.
    • By LargeRedJoe
      I'm not into sous vide (yet) but I found this technique to be an interesting way to tackle an old standard. 
    • By BrianAZ
      Got some family coming in from out of state, and I figured that I’d cook up some steak for the occasion. At Costco, I found this 17lb choice strip loin. Looking through the packaging it seemed better marbled than most choice I’d ever seen. I cut her down and got one monster 24oz steak (I like them nice and thick), and nine 18oz steaks. Even had a 3.7lb roast left over. 
      Cooked three of them tonight with a reverse sear. 
      temp’d out at 133. Nice mid rare. Super yummy.