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Hinge upgrade


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6 minutes ago, Watkins273 said:

Does anyone have a source or plans for a upgraded hinge. Getting tired up tighten in and loosening bolts once a month.... 


Assuming this is a kamado joe post so moving it to the kamado joe forum.  Your best bet would be to contact Kamado Joe with questions rather than getting your information second hand :)


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Watkins, your signature says you have a Pit Boss. :) But if by chance this is in reference to the Big Joe hinge, Bobby Brennan recently published an update on the Kamado Joe Grilling and Smoking Facebook page:



We have a solution for older model Big Joes where the hinge spring has lost its strength.


As you know we tried unsuccessfully to make our new hinge retrofittable onto our older model Big Joes. For a hinge to be a “fully counterbalanced” hinge it literally needs to be 10X stronger. Going with a counter balanced solution on our 2017 product necessitated doubling the width of our bands and using hidden pins on the inside of the bands to pin the bands to the ceramic. Without any weight to create a good seal the entire hinge, bracket, bands and ceramic dome assembly needs to move as one rigid body without any deflection.


There were numerous engineering changes made to our 2017 product to make a counterbalanced hinge solution a reality that simply could not be replicated in the aftermarket on our older models (without drilling into ceramics).


We asked Weber Knapp (our hinge supplier in New York) to make a regular hinge for these warranty issues on the older Big Joes. While their solution looks like the hinge on our newer model Big Joes (see picture) it is not counterbalanced (for the reasons given). It does work remarkably well and at $250 per hinge is more expensive than our higher volume counterbalanced solution. It is very smooth.


Our engineers were able to remove an old hinge and replace with a new hinge in 14 minutes today. We are in the process of developing some assembly instructions and will start shipping these new hinges later this month for any model Big Joe hinge issue. We will probably get John to do a video as well.


Thanks to everyone that is patiently waiting on this solution. We have not forgotten about you. I think you will like this solution.




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I looked through facebook and couldn't find the article you quoted.  Are there an physical differences with these newer replacement hinges?  I replaced my hinge over the weekend, and was curious if I had gotten on of these newer ones or not?  

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