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Got mine yesterday. 1st grill. Thanks everyone here for help. 

Finally got a dry day to get the Pitt boss out and do the initial burn in looking good on the deck. 

Just went to the local Costco with my receipt.  $107.02 back in my pocket!

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Hi, names jesse new member here. Just wondering if anyone has bought this yet and what are your thoughts? Will this one need vents sealed with gasket like previous models? I just bought this at Costco after upgrading from akorn kamado that I’ve only had a month lol. Nothing wrong with the akorn i loved the way it held temp and how easy it was to control temp but since this was just a couple bills more I’ve decided to return the akorn and upgrade to a real ceramic with more real estate.

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I think the upgrade you did was well worthwhile in my opinion...  (only 2nd option was to get both lol) 



Ive done quite a bit of research on reviews ect and the 2018's should have a couple "updates" over the previous years.  I think you can at the very least expect some of the same faults as the previous years at the worst otherwise i'd say your good to go.


From what ive read and learned.... When I do end up getting one ill prob keep some of the gasket stuff on hand in the case I need to replace it in a pinch.... so the one thing i'd recommend is carrying some gasket and as you use it youl find the spots that may need it and just update it on the go when you can. 



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Last year I bought the Pit Boss K24 on sale at Costco at the reduced price of $499 they were reduced to $399 from $599 in 2016 but that wasn't the case last year. Last years model did have several upgrades from from the 2016 model they being the plastic side tables and an included Heat Deflector. I really like this kamado it does a great job at a reasonable cost. My local Costco now has the blue one in stock so I'll get a picture next time I'm there and post it here.

Pit Boss 24".jpeg

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Man this thing is built like a tank (long as no one takes a sledgehammer to it) turns out I don’t think I’ll need to make any mods to the bottom vent cuz it feels really tight and snug ain’t no air gettin in there. But I might need to mod the top vent.. had some leftover lavalock gasket I used to seal my Weber’s and Traeger, I put it on the inside of the vent and it’s too thick it wouldn’t even go on. Any recommendation for the perfect gasket or black silicone? Thanks in advance. Also the manual says to cure at 225° for 2 hours.. but I read that everybody cure at 225 then 350 then 450? 

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    • By Shayes2791
      Until I get my grill shack built with a roof, I wanted a way to keep rain and snow out of my Louisiana grills 24 inch kamado top vent.  Smokeware doesn't and won't make their version to fit.  I do have one of the smokeware ones for my large grill dome and love it. 
      I have searched extensively for a solution and found a possible solution.  I got a 9 inch galvanized stove pipe cap for reasonable price that only requires the kamado gasket seal for snug fit.  This does go over the existing vent top. I have yet to test but does fit nicely.
      I don't remember the guidelines as to if I can put the link here or not but is on Amazon for about 16 bucks.  Cost more for shipping but still for around 35 dollars is a nice solution in my opinion.

    • By Daz
      Hi Pit Boss pitmasters, I made a charcoal basket for my Akorn but it turned out it'll fit over PIt Boss Kamado from Costco like a glove - a nice discovery from my neighbor. It makes two zone cooking very convenient. It's laser cut stainless steel and sits inside the fire bowl. The bottom tray is about 3" from the top of the grate. Pics attached. I bought an Akorn a few years back and started to make accessories for it as a hobby. Now it seems can go on as a little biz. Thanks for the support, mahalo!

    • By Freddy Luc
      Hi all, I'm been trying to find someone who sells or ships spiders to canada for the pit boss. I want to set up for direct and indirect grilling can't find parts anywhere. Cermic grill store won't ship to canada ad their canadian distributor is sold out. Anyone here have any ideas????
    • By EZ smoke
      I've posted some of this stuff before but figured I would consolidate a post with the accessories I use on my PB K24. I haven't spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars like some folks and know that others probably have better or different ways of accomplishing much of the same thing. I don't use any temp control gadget and don't really feel the need to. After gaining a couple years experience cooking on mine I can dial it in and maintain temps fairly easily. (BTW I did do the vent mods to eliminate any big leaks) Anyhow, these are the gizmos I use to help cook on the Pit Boss:
      Firebox Divider Charcoal Fire Grate for Most Standard Size Kamado Grills, 10.5-inch ~$35 I haven't even had a chance to use this yet but it looks well made and should help with two-zone cooking. I'm not certain this is really needed as I've been able to cope without it for the first few years doing two-zone cooks but hey it's a fun new gizmo. Pit Boss 76251 Heat Deflector, 24" ~$45 I know that these are now included standard with the grill. I had one break and PB/Danson's did replace without any problems. I use the OEM deflector a ton... it's used for all my Low and Slow Smokes (brisket, ribs, pork butt, etc), CI Dutch Oven cooks (roasts, stews, etc),  pizza cooks, and all my baking. Half Moon Heat Deflector Plate ~$20 These are 15" diameter and work well on the main lower grate to cook on the upper grate. I use these for two-zone cooking and also for a 2nd deflector in some cases, like for cooking pizza. These don't fit inside the legs of the OEM upper rack perfectly (more on that later). Also, I've split the OEM upper grate into two half moon grates to allow easier maneuvering inside the grill. Indirect Cooking Rack, Extra Large ~$35 This is an accessory that I thought I would use a lot more when I purchased it. I still use it as a second rack for pizzas and such but it isn't something I wouldn't buy again. Unlike the OEM upper grate you can get the (2) half moons installed under it without any interference. IIRC this cooking rack is 15" diameter with the legs protruding out another few inches. Outdoor Gourmet 14 in Preseasoned Round Griddle ~$13 This is absolutely one of the best accessories that I own ( I actually have 2) for my Kamado. I use it as a pizza stone up on the upper rack with both sets of deflectors in place and it works absolutely fantastic. I also, use this on the lower rack directly over the coals to cook my Philly cheese-steak sandwich meat.  Maverick ET-733 dual probe remote thermometer ~$35 I didn't provide a link because everyone has there own set-up for monitoring temps.  
      Of course there's all the other normal cooking stuff, utensils and the like for the grill.
      Firebox Divider:

      OEM Deflector with OEM Grates:

      OEM Lower Grate with Half Moon Deflector and OEM Half Moon Grate:

      OEM Deflector and Lower Grate with (2) Half Moon Deflectors and Upper Rack:

      Same as above with Cast Iron Griddle ready for pizza:

    • By Chicago Joe
      Proud to be a new Joe owner.  Got it from the Naperville store. Yeah, yeah shoulda got mine long before Labor Day but Ill be cooking long after the snow flies unlike the fair weather Chicago BBq people. 
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