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Sous Vide and Skillet Strips

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Having made my compound butter (inspired by @Panchango), I wanted to utilize it for a steak cook. I had some filets in the freezer I thought about doing earlier in the week. However, I didn’t pull them to thaw, so I grabbed a couple of prime strips at Sam’s today.  Seasoned and sous vide at 125. Pan fried some potatoes and then used the skillet to sear the steaks. After the first flip, put a couple of pats of the compound butter on.  Late dinner at about 9:40, but it was very good. I just had a few bites as the family devoured the rest, but it was really good. Skillet sear is a bad word around my house, but all admitted it was extremely good with the compound butter. 


Only thing that would have made it better would have been a Kamado cook....












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22 minutes ago, Panchango said:

That looks delicious.  Very nicely done.


Did you like the compound butter?

 It was really good. Definitely added another dimension and gave the steak a luxury feel. Made a big difference.  Will do this again in the future for sure.  As you mentioned, there are so many variations a person could do across the whole spectrum of sweet to savory... endless possibilities.  Thanks for the input!

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Looks great!


You can SV frozen steaks - just add an extra 30 minutes to your SV time. We do it all the time with frozen steaks. 


The only downside is that it's a bit harder to season them before the SV step. 


What we do is - when we get home from the store, we portion up the steaks and vac seal them. I make the bag a little larger than it needs to be. When it's time to cook, I take the bag, open it up, and season  the steaks, and re-seal in the same bag -  that's why I make the bag larger to begin with.


I haven't tried seasoning them prior to freezing the first time, but that might work if you know what flavors you will want when it's time to eat them.

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