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My wife cuts sweet potatoes into cubes and tosses them in olive oil and spice and roasts them in the oven for around 20 minutes flipping halfway through. I am think about trying this on the Kamado using a pan that fits perfect. 


I am assuming I should go indirect so the pan doesn’t get to hot and burn the bottom. Is that correct?

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    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      My test run on Potato bread with roasted onion was very successful.    I used red onion and sliced them very thin and coated lightly with olive oil and then roasted them on my Kamado Joe Jr, and after that roasting was finished I also roasted yellow potatoes on my Kamado Koe Jr.     After the potatoes were done, I mashed them and allowed them to cool.    One thing I noticed was after adding the roasted onions to the final dough as it got incorporated into the dough it increased the hydration of the dough making it very sticky.  Hydration of dough before roasted onion added was 60% but after after roasted onions incorporated the dough felt like 75 to 80% hydration.

    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      Test run on Roasted Potato bread with Roasted Garlic was successful.   I forgot to spray plastic wrap with oil and as a result top of loaf stuck to wrap which is why loaf top looks the way it does, and why the loaf is more square.  After removing the stuck wrap, the top collapsed about 1 inch so I gave an extra 10 minutes to proof before baking on my Kamado.   Taste and texture very good.   I think if I were to pair with about 2% rosemary the resulting loaf might be excellent in flavour,  very happy with this test run.  Garlic flavour very good and not overpowering.   Next week my test run will be with Roasted Potato bread with Roasted Onions.

    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      Here is my test run on Roasted Potatoe bread, hydration is 61% with  Hard white artesian flour 85%, 15% whole wheat flour from hard red spring wheat and 25 % roasted yellow potatoes.   I still need to practice fendu shaping, you can see in picture fendu shape not right yet.  The dip in middle needs to more like a u shape. Only Pate Fermentee was not in pictures otherwise all other ingredients where.  Taste is very nice with roasted potatoes as part of the bread. 

    • By CentralTexBBQ
      Tonights Dinner- having another couple over- going healthy as I need to lose weight and he is on the heart transplant list. So, low sodium, substituted much of the butter with avacado oil, etc. Anyway, chicken breast, salmon, salad and my 'what is it' dish of sweet potatoes, carrots, mango, korean cinnamon and brown and turbanado sugar- all cooked on the Big Joe. Sorry, we were half-way through dinner when I remembered to take the final pics.






    • By BigSmoke
      Next time I make promises of pulled pork I will be checking the weather forecast. Flashback to last Tuesday...
      Wife: "Can we have pulled pork sandwiches this weekend"
      BigSmoke: "Does a one legged duck swim in circles?"
      It was a long miserable rainy night. Thankfully I had a pop up tent to keep my setup relatively dry, however, it was the wind that really made it tough to moderate temperatures.

      I picked up a 10.4 lb butt on Friday and had it trimmed, injected, rubbed with Dizzy Dust (Mustard to help bind), cling wrapped and in the fridge to marinate over night. 

      Saturday evening I fired up the KJ at 8pm, after reaching a stable 250 degree dome temp I loaded the butt (10pm). The plan was to have it resting by 1pm for kick off and ready to eat by halftime but I hit a stall that lasted over 3 hrs (Would not budge from 151 degrees), I'm guessing the wind and swings in temp had a part to play. I ended up having to raise the temp to 350 degrees for the final hour and I pulled the butt just after 2pm. The IT was reading 198 degrees and it was probing tender. I let it rest for 20 mins before FTC for about 1.5 hrs. The cooler was pre-heated with hot water.

      Despite the hiccups I am quite proud of the final product. It was a huge hit and by far the best pulled pork sandwich I've ever made! I served it with homemade coleslaw, bbq sauce and sweet potatoes. The grilled sweet potatoes were coated with an orange marmalade butter. Recipe courtesy of Bobby Flay.


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