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Beer brewing / keg / bar

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On 4/27/2018 at 7:09 AM, RRL2 said:

ah thats awesome!   i'd need to get a room set up and the whole 9.... I have the perfect room but its far from ready to be used as a brew area lol


haha..yeah, I wish I had a room dedicated to brewing... I'm sequestered to the garage now that I do all grain, but its not too bad. 


On 4/26/2018 at 2:11 PM, RRL2 said:

 ive been itching to get into it but start up costs are harsh! 


as for start up costs, first see if there is a home-brew shop near you, (im very pro local business) and if not you can order,  morebeer.com is good, northernbrewer.com (megamart of homebrew shops), txbrewing.com, theres a bunch! shop around as some are having deals all the time. Northern brewer is running a deal just about every week. 10% off to 25% off to free stuff with a purchase and so on... anyway, I started with this exact kit, https://www.txbrewing.com/beer-and-wine-kits/equipment-kits/beer-making-kits/deluxe-home-brewing-equipment-kit-w-pot-and-chiller.html and then pieced together what I use today. but this kit is a good start, with everything you'll need to do extract brewing. which is just as good now a days as all grain in some cases. plus is easier and a good way to get your feet wet. 


now I know that ~$250 is a high start up price but if you're really into making and tasteing and enjoying beer, the benefits outweigh the costs 10 fold and if you stick with it, it pays for itself in about a year or so. and if you get stressed...RDWHAHB!

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I actuallly got a good few glass fermetors  those buckets ect... I'd just need a brew pot, chiller and a few new things as the ones I got from my grandfather are damaged or broken from storage.   i'd prob end up being a little less then lets say 300 for start up costs. which isnt too bad!....


Heck just the keg system alone im prob well over 1K deep all said and done lol

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If you’re looking at kettles, check out spike brewing, they have top notch kettles for way less than competitors... I have one, and I love it! I just wish I’d have waited till now to buy, because I bought a 10 gal, and I wish I’d gotten a 15 or 20 gal kettle. 

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