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Frank Tirosa

Greetings from London, UK

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Hello everyone,

 after about a year of research on the kamado ovens, watching lots of YouTube videos (Jhon is the best!) and reviews, last May I decided to go for the classic joe and I couldn’t be happier. Despite I couldn’t use it much over the summer as my work brought me away of my terrace for six months, I decided to go back smoking and grilling last December and I’m always looking forward to learn something new. I hope this forum will help me out on this!


Have a nice one!


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Welcome, Frank, glad to have you and your new Joe Classic with us. Recently I have been into cooking recipies from Chef Yotam Ottolenghi, who has a couple of resturants, most notably one called Nopi,  and also a few deli's in London. You new kamado is a wonderful cooker and will allow you to cook all the BBQ classics, as well as anything you can cook in a kitchen oven,  from breads, pies, pizza along with  fancy recipies from high end chefs. Enjoy your new grill. Kamados are very versatile cookers. 

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