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Having trouble running my PB under 300. Any tips on running under 300 is appreciated. I started chocking top and bottom wat back at 200 and it climbed to 300 and with the top almost fully closed and 1 set of holes showing on bottom vent I ran at 300 for hours. 


I have had it for a week and this was 1st time to try low and slow on some pork steaks.  I am thinking maybe I got too many coals going when I started the fire. 

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You may have started chocking the air just a bit late. However if you tell us your lighting method that may help us  give specific advice. If you think you got too much charcoal going, you are probably correct.


Philpom made a great post about lighting for low n slow



If that link don’t work it’s in the Akorn section.  I read it a long time ago and iirc he updated it to recomend a propane torch over alcohol soaked cotton balls. I still use the cotton ball method. Good luck buddy...with only a week under your belt you are doing fine. Its like riding a bike, once you figure it out it’s quite natural.

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I struggled with the learning curve a bit myself when I first got mine. I did go through and made sure the lid fit well, and it did need to be adjusted. I would recommend doing the dollar bill test on the lid, if you find any gaps just adjust the lid. It is super easy and you'll be better off for it. I check mine regularly.


As far as my technique goes.....


Light a SMALL fire, I use one cube. Let it roll for 8-10 min with the lid open, and bottom vent open.

close lid, open top vent to .75 (look at the numbers)

open bottom vent just a hair (no joke, i'm taking 1/16")

watch it as its ramping up, and I just use a pit probe as well as the dome temp. That SHOULD stabilize around 200 in about an hour or so, dont mess with it.


The biggest thing I can do to ruin my temp is opening that lid. It seems like as long as I leave the lid shut i'm good. Its to the point where I have a legitimate plan in place when  open the  lid, and try to keep it under 10 seconds. I can keep it around 220 for a 12 hr smoke if i'm on top of things. The best thing I can say is practice practice practice



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