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Sunday’s Burnt ends made into tonight’s Burnt ends pizza

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On Sunday I made Faux Burnt Ends out of a couple Chuck roasts well I decided I needed to use up the leftovers ASAP so tonight is pizza night. Bonus the pizza cook will clean up my low and slow. I made a Garlic cheesy bread for good measure. Here are some pictures of the process.

Here is Sunday’s Burnt Ends.EEFD7F8F-A06B-4461-A65C-588E8C0E7A61.thumb.jpeg.6337d26240e92ff0b3f79f1d8410d7b4.jpeg81B4687A-82BC-4451-B7EC-BDF85764F7D6.thumb.jpeg.f56dea01fdb932d64cc2c509ba4b79eb.jpeg

here is my Pizza being prepped full disclosure this dough was bought from the pizza place.B4BBE463-DB79-4D22-AC69-E695B8764511.thumb.jpeg.5130b838e93d6c812921aa0ac7c93d5a.jpeg

Now finally here is the payoff 10 minutes at 550*f A7DFBFE9-EF09-4CFD-84EC-59A63978762F.thumb.jpeg.618182ee00a8614dff13663387337b12.jpeg

Thanks for taking a look. I will add pictures of the Garlic cheesy bread in a Reply if I can get them to load.

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9 minutes ago, skreef said:

What great Pizza. We do that here too. Cook something for one meal then plan left overs for another meal. Rotisserie Chicken one night. Rotisserie Dumplings the next. Great for nights when you just want easy. 

Exactly the plan easy with that benefit of cleaning my cooker 

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