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Cooking hotdogs at the house...

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Just because it was a beautiful sight!  The red-ish things are all beef dogs from Costco, the lighter brown ones on the left are Johnsonville Beer Brats, and the the fried looking things on the right are buffalo chicken roller food (I bought a case of them from a gas station chain :) ). 
Video of the rolling action LOL: https://www.facebook.com/johnlbattersby/videos/10160174585685107/




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Sometimes I use Costco hot dogs (dogs) and stuff them with cheese.

slice dogs lengthwise to almost in half.

flatten dogs 

brown them up in a skillet on both sides

(might have to put something on top of the dogs so they lay flat)

put your choice of cheese in the part sliced open

cover till cheese melted. be careful not to melt the cheese too much so it runs out.  I turn off stove and let residual heat do the rest.

We know what to do next.:-D


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When I was a kid back in the fifties, Sears had one of those at the back of the store, just as you came to the exit.  I used to beg my mother to go to Sears, just so that I could get one of those rolled hot dogs with mustard, relish and minced onion.

Thanks for the memories. :)

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