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56 minutes ago, gotzero said:


I have some experience shaping tooling for my lathe which seems like it will apply easily enough to tinkering with kitchen knives if I want to. So far, all I wanted to do is make the nakiri knife sit flat. For a small amount of money I learned I love the style.


In the kitchen we have a few very nice stainless Shun knives, a couple of Dalstrong knives from an Amazon sale, and a Wusthof scalloped knife. Those will likely remain the weekday rushed dinner creators. 


Five seconds of using the hollow center knife and I "get it". I have a Miltner Adams MA-6 pocket knife that uses a similar grind and sharpening it is a dream. 


I have way too many really nice pocket knives, and I am surprised to read about a lot of steel assessments from kitchens. For instance, I have several Spyderco VG-10 and ZDP-189 knives, and I have never had a chip on VG-10 after seriously beating on them, and never had any significant rust on ZDP-189 even with daily carry in summers. 

Spyderco in one of the bigger guys I trust more than others.  My VG10 shuns don’t have chips either, but I know they sharpen nothing like the AEB-L knives I have.  I have no experience with zdp189, but I have heard nothing bad about it. 

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On 9/19/2018 at 3:10 PM, Ben S said:

Vg10 can be hit or miss depending on who’s doing the heat treatment.  Poor heat treatment can lead to more difficult sharpening and poor edge retention. 


White steel is generally easy heat treat,  to sharpen and had decent edge retention, especially for a home user. 

I have the Apex Edge Pro for sharpening, up to 3000 grit polishing tape.  My limited research tells me that white steel has better edge retention and can take a sharper edge than vg10.  My current knife with the VG 10 steel takes a pretty fine edge, but it doesn't last as long as I would like.  90% of it's use is on a wooden cutting board, 10% on plastic when cutting chicken.  If the white steel gives me a better edge that lasts longer, I think I am going to pull the trigger.  My current knife is a 240mm Gyuto, which I do really like, so I would probably want something similar in white steel.  I would think the Edge Pro should work fine for sharpening white steel.  Any other considerations that I am missing?  Does white steel #1 need to be oiled after cleaning?  I don't mind the oiling, just wondering if that is the case.

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If another knife enters my house, my wife may use it on me.  I did get to use my Spyderco sharpener though and like it a lot.  It’ll take me some work to get really good with it and I have a bit of a concern that the original sharpening sticks won’t last very long and will need replaced, but I chalk that up to my inconsistencies.

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