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Smartfire Auto Temp Controller Installation

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I had a smartfire auto temp controller installed on my KJ Classic before I moved back to the US and got used to the easy remote control for my overnight cooks. I finally got round to installing it on my new BKK5000 today, it's installed, but it was a heck of a lot easier on the KJ!

My original plan was to just remove the ash drawer, put a piece of aluminum over the front, secure with the quick release tabs and mount straight to that. I got as far as taking the drawer apart and marking up the aluminum before I realized it wasn't going to work due to the curve in the front and the raised square mounts for the quick release tabs.
Plan B was then to remove the drawer from the faceplate , drill a hole and and mount the smartfire adaptor next to the daisy wheel. The problem with that is there isn't much clearance around the daisywheel and the edge of the faceplate and the back of the faceplate has a load of webbing around where the screws to attach the drawer are located. That needed to be removed with a load of elbow grease and some filing prior to drilling the mounting hole for the smartfire adaptor.
I wasn't going to bother replacing the ash drawer, my old KJ never had one and it's not a bother to me but I ended up performing another 'modification' to the drawer and it fits fine with the smartfire attached.
and there we go, mounted and ready for some slow & low! Now here's hoping it's able to keep the temps lower than I seem to be able to!

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