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Frustrated Vision B Classic Owner - Runaway Temps

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15 hours ago, Ratman said:

I am glad I saw this thread. I have had my Classic B for 2 years and gave up on it after a few months. I DID buy it on clearance at Sam's after reading so many positive reviews here and I waited for the clearance in fact as it was to be a secondary grill to my Primo XL which I love and no problems with.


I DID expect to have to modify the ash catch tray, bottom vent and top vent just like I did on my Akorn, and I did so. It will not hold a temp below 340*. Period! I tried every trick I had learned in 3 years of Kamado style grilling short of rebuilding the grill itself and I am no engineer, and it just will not cook low and slow. Several failed cooks later, i just parked it on my deck at the river and I always use my gasser there instead. 


I have decided tonight to try removing the dome shocks as suggested here, and I also pulled the trigger on a Flame Boss for it. Yeah, I only spent $400 bucks on it but right now, it's no better than a $40 briquet special from the dollar store so might as well try again to make it usable. I just did not expect to have spend over $300 to make a $400 grill do what it is supposed to do. 


I do have renewed hope though!

These things are air pumps, Air in the bottom gets heated and pumped out the top.
More air, more fire. More fire, more heat.  If you have sealed all leaks and only have air coming in through the bottom vent and out the top with an established fire then I believe your issues are one of two things.
You either have the vent settings setup incorrectly for low n slow OR after place the meat on your grill you are touching the vents and having to chase temps. 
So for low n slow (sub 275 degrees) the bottom vent needs to be open approximately an inch to maybe 1.5 inches with the top vent just cracked open. The fire needs to be established for at least 30 minutes prior, at the desired temperature, to meat going on.  

Can you verify all these things have or haven't happened when cooking low n slow?

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Nothing like a little meltdown leading to solving the problem! :-D


I wanted to come back and let everyone know the results of my "mods". The grill has been significantly easier to use. I've had a few low and slow cooks that have come out incredible. Deeply satisfied.


Air leaks tend to be the bain of my existence. I own a few classic cars and those out there understand the pain of early fuel injection management chaos that ensues on the spaghetti plate of vacuum hoses. 


For all Vision B Classic owners, the following mods should be required before use: 


1. On the ashtray box, get some high temp RTV and reseal it around the door. Be very generous to the point of too much. 

2. Remove the shock tower.

3. When starting the grill with the electric starter, let it sit in the wood for roughly 12-13 minutes. You need to see flames lapping up. 

4. Remove the starter and stir the wood. Close lid, adjust the vents, and wait until it gets up to temp.

5. Cook! 



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