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Akorn 3 Year Review

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Strange indeed since there's nothing on a true Weber Stephen made kettle to rust unless the porcelain enamel gets chipped, and even then it should take years to rust through.

My 58 year old kettle only shows a little rust at the welds and is still solid as a rock. The wood handle did go south though and has been replaced.



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     I am on year 7 with my Akorn, and must admit it is on it's last legs.  It's been used hard, kept outside under cover, and covered by a Chargriller cover, but the salt air and use have finally caught up with us.  It's like watching an old friend wear down over the years.  We share many memories and went through the kamado learning curve together.

     Don't misread me, it's a great kooker and I'm in the process of deciding on another one, a ceramic Akorn, or a Vision from Sams Club. 

     Here is a list of our war wounds:  bottom tray rusted through (my fault for not having the cover on correctly all the time), the "lips" of lower bowl and ash pan have both rusted out so it is not possible to replace the gaskets and get an air tight seal. Rust is starting to climb up the sides of the lower bowl,  Legs are getting pretty thin in some spots and expect a total failure any time now on one of them.

     I'm one of the original purchasers of the Akorn back when they first came out, one with only 2 tabs inside to support any diffuser and the tin top vent cap,  and several changes have taken place to improve on them.  Having said that, I still feel it is one of the finest kamados on the market at this price point and have nothing but good things to say about Chargriller, this forum, John and all his ideas, and the great folks who love to cook in non traditional  ways and are willing to share them with us all.





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I understand about living in Florida, l'm from south Louisiana about 20 miles from the gulf. I had a stainless gases that has rust on the outside. Always left grills in garage so they would last. 

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I believe this will be my last spring with the Akorn as well... I'll prolly clean it up and deal with the rust then give it to my dad... I'll be shopping for a ceramic too and feel like I should give the ceramic Akorn a good hard look as well as my original steel one performed.

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Nice thread. Useful for owner and potential owners alike.


I am on Year 4 and I continue to be impressed by my Akorn. North Texas is a decent home climate and I keep the Akorn covered and under a patio roof when not in use. When I first purchased the Akorn I buttoned it up with nomex and have nary a lick of problems maintaining temps.  I did replace the CI grate with a behemoth from Michael's Custom.....love that thing. It will likely out live me, let alone the grill.  Only thing I have done to my Akorn was to replace the bottom rack last  Fall. t was getting rusty so I put in an order with CG. Replacement was inexpensive and shipped promptly. Good for another 4 years, I suspect.


No complaints from me.

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I agree with No Complaints about my Akorn.  It's a great unit, I bought it with the intention of learning about kamado cooking and if it was for me, without having to take out a second mortgage and it did it's job to perfection.  I sing nothing but it's praise and will miss her dearly.  I never expected to get a 7 year run out of this grill, that has never happened before, so it's twice as nice as any gasser/coaler I owned prior to this.  


I roast, I grill, I bake and I smoke all on one grill, my dear Akorn !!!!!  Life is Good.

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Well, I wasn't clueless when I got into Kamados, but I also didn't have $1500 to spare.  So started at the low end with a Akorn and have been continually impressed for 2 years.  It's a heck of a thing to have on your deck and with small additions it will perform at the top of the game. 2 years, no rust, totally solid out on my deck with just a cover.

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Curious to see how mine will hold up, lots of rain, snow and humidity here.  Use a cover and have it under a canopy in the summer.  


If I got 3 yrs I would be fine though,. Over a year old now and looks great so we shall see.       

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    • By Unclebub44
      This will be my first chuck roast cook on the Akorn. I’ve only cooked steaks and wings on the grill so far, so this will be a learning experience for sure. Any advice or tips are welcome. 
    • By Tjwell
      First cook with the Tip Top Temp on my Akorn Kamado. Smoked a pork loin to perfection this morning. Have a pork butt on now (less the apple wood chunks) In prior cooks on both a vertical smoker and on the kamado, temp would sour when the wood chunks for smoking would catch. Now with the Tip Top Temp, it closes the damper until the temporary spike subsides, then opens back up to maintain constant temp. Before the Tip Top Temp those adjustments were manual and much more tedious!
    • By K'man
      Well I finally found a purpose for the removable centre on the Akorn grate.  Yes I know you can use it to refuel or add smoke wood but I've never needed to do that.
      This post comes as a result of an earlier post made by Cmartin527 referencing this cook.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk_hr12rNyc&t=4s
      The seasonings shown were all I used.  I did not use any smoke this time but intend to for my next cook.  The possibilities are endless.  Butter instead of oil, vinegar, BBQ sauce, your favourite rub, bacon bits, bacon drippings whatever.  I would say garlic is a must!
      I cooked this cabbage for 2 hours at 300˚F.  I made a small tray from foil to prevent leakage.  After the cabbage cooled I chopped it into slaw.  In my case I did not add any further dressing however again the choices can be whatever you want.  The slaw was some of the best cabbage I've ever had.

    • By Ben Murphy
      Hi Guys,
      i hope this this finds you all well. 
      i am Ben Murphy from Sydney, Australia.
      i was just wanting advice on the Akorn Kamado and if it is the type of charcoal bbq I could whip up a steak within an hour?  How long would it take me to get the charcoal hot enough to do this? 
      Or am I in for the long haul i.e is it more so for cooking brisket over many many hours.which I would love to do but am nervous about doing so. 
      i have not purchased yet just would appreciate any advice as I am a newbie and have only ever used gas bbqs, but love that charcoal taste! 
      Thanks in advance for any help!
    • By DaddioWA
      Morning! So I've gone completely ham, literally speaking, since I got the Akorn back in November. I've smoked 6 different ham recipes.. and recently just picked up 5 spiral hams and threw them in the freezer because they were marked down to basically 80cents a pound from $3-4/lb I got i got 10-14lb hams for basically $10-14  a piece. I quit buying deli ham all together and now we use strictly the smoked hams for sandwiches, throw some in the skillet for breakfast sandwiches, as well as using it for dinner in general of course... 
      That said.. I've done nothing but hams and and steaks on it since picking it up.. done burgers a few times and they are always phenominal.. in fact the family prefers them the next day even more I think so I usually make about 20 patties... really wishing I had a bigger surface area at this point because i'd make more if I could.
      That said, I'm doing burgers for the wife and her girlfriends when they get off work tonight and am interested in some recipes outside of the typical burger.. My general prep tends to be make patty, season, sit for 20 mins in fridge.. cook.. last 1-2 mins slather with BBQ sauce and some garlic cheddar cheese slice and then serve them with baked beans on top of the patty.  It's a favorite.  I'd like to change it up though and hoping you guys have some favorites you might recommend. Im really looking in to some sort of stuffed burger but I'm open to all sorts of recipes like maybe a minced garlic and onion bacon cheddar burger or similar.
      Look forward to the great suggestions you folks will have!