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Shredded Pork Verde

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Had a pork tenderloin pack in the fridge I needed to deal with. Got home relatively late from work. Decided to clean it up, cube it up, and toss it in the instant pot for a shredded pork verde of sorts.  


Keeping it easy for the seasoning of the meat and sauce to cook it in. 




Cubed up pork to the length of shred I wanted and threw in some onion and Anaheim pepper for good measure.  Everything went in the pot.




I did high pressure for an hour - probably didn’t need to go that long but it didn’t hurt anything. 




This is what I had when I opened it up after pressure release. 




Shredded it up - it just broke apart with the slightest touch.  It was pretty liquidy so I used the instant pot to simmer it and reduce down a bit. 




After reducing...




My husband had a quick “taco” last night, but I didn’t take any pics. This will be lunch today and I’ll get a plated pick then and post it up....


I always use lean pork loin that is well trimmed or pork tenderloin for any indoor slow cooker or pressure cooker endeavors for something like this or even something with a bbq flair. I can’t stand fatty stuff in my shredded meats...  


And if I smoke a shoulder, I shred carefully by hand wearing gloves and pick through it very well to get rid of all the yucky stuff... 

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After the 45 minute pressure cook it looked like this:




Then shredded it up and let it reduce some:




My husband, who obviously has no idea what he is doing, made his "tacos" with flour tortillas.




I played it safe and sane with mini street taco corn tortillas - not wanting to lose any "street cred" with @daninpd.




They were pretty mild, so I added a little heat to mine.




So - the verdict is in and the guajillo chicken was the hands down winner.  The verde pork was good - but the guajillo chicken was excellent!

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I have discovered the pressure pot cooking phenomenon, or should I say "movement", as well, so enjoy your posts here.  It's a great tool, but summer is approaching and I think it will be set aside for the kamado more often.  However, some of the sous vide posts might link the two.

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50 minutes ago, shuley said:

I love my instant pot so much more than I thought I would.  Not so much for meat for me, but have you tried it for risotto? Awesome results with minimal effort.  How about Mac n cheese? Officially easiest dinner ever. 


Ok - Apparently I need to think outside the box a bit more....  I haven't done risotto or mac and cheese.  :(

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Me either, but I use mine almost twice a day; today it was chili that I browned the meat in a pan first (could have used the saute function but the pan was bigger) then dumped everything in the IP to finish.  Made the red beans yesterday.  I end up having too much food cooked up, but spaghetti and meatballs is on my list this week.

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