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BigJoe Ultimate Table

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    • By jmontgomery82
      Hi All, 
      I finally got around to getting my table finished - well still finishing - for my Big Joe and now cannot find the ceramic feet to purchase anywhere. Anyone know of a dealer that sells them that ships? Thanks in advance!
    • By Charcoal Addict
      I've measured the Big Joe to figure how the Joe will fit into the table. Here's the results my my measurements.
      So far from my calculations, the hole should be 30 inches wide. The base is 19.5 inches. The Joe needs to sit 14.5 inches above the pavers and ceramic feet inside a 32 inch table. The paver and ceramic feet are 3 inches high. The shelf height need to be 17.5 inches from the table top for the Big Joe to sit correctly.
      Have the other KG members that have built Big Joe tables come up with similar measurements for their tables?