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Clothes pins?

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So I just got around to putting up an outdoor clothesline - mainly to save a few bucks on the power bill and to keep my T-shirts from shrinking in the dryer.

The problem is that decent quality clothes pins are apparently a thing of the past. I've searched the usual on-line sites. Most of their offers and reviews have led me to believe that good old fashioned wooden clothes pins no longer exist - UNLESS - one wants to buy artisan, hand made pins at $2 per clothes pin. Anything else is reviewed as "good for crafts, not good for hanging clothes".

I'd prefer not to buy 50 clothes pins at $2 apiece. That's cuttin' into the beer budget.

Back in the day...You could get enough real finger mashin' , wooden pins to fill a five gallon bucket for $2.

Anybody got a "line" on decent, wooden clothes pins at a reasonable price?

Thanks, Rip

( i know it's goofy, but it's worth a shot :) )


clothes pin.png

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admitting goofiness

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----So I have been in the same boat and wondered what lawsuit caused  clothes pins of all things to be dumbed down. My imagination runs wild.------



If you must have clothes pins...... 


No line on old school good ones. I would be inclined to modify the "cheapies" as I'm guessing their gripping power sucks.

Try wedging something under the part of the spring in contact with the notch on the outer long straight edge side.

I have done this myself with mild success.

Maybe crimp the straight length of spring.

Maybe a dab of silicone caulk on the tips (open the pin up and let the caulk dry before closing).

Buy enough to experiment with. Probably will have a few not so great tries till you get it right.


 Easy solution: I actually stopped using clothes pins and just folded the clothes over the line or porch rail.






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Thanks to all for the advice!

I am currently searching the shelves of some of the local, old country stores hoping to find a nugget, from days of yore, that someone has overlooked.
The clothes pin conquest continues!
I refuse to let my skivvies down.B)

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