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Joetisseries at Costco Roadshow


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Howdy. My better half approved the purchase so I hit the roadshow here in Indianapolis today.  

1,499.99 for the Big Joe
219.99 for the Big Joetisserie
21.99 for 30lbs of lump


They had 5 Big Joetisserie. By the time I left at 5pm, there was 1 left. Rep said they only got in 5.  Looks like they only had 2 or so of the classic Joetisserie as well.
I had to work at 9 so didn't get to take part in the great race for "The Deal", but at least two were waiting to try to get the deal at 9 when the club opened.
Rep helped me load it up. And by help, I mean he did most of the work. Rep was great and everything survived well. 
That's a scion XB that it loaded in. Those black boxes have a ton of space, and there was extra room. I should have gotten more lump and probably will go back for more since it is 10 more pounds for 5 bucks less than what Lowes carries. 
Used a garden cart and two neighbors to get it to the back deck and into the cart. That was way easier than we expected.  
And now I owe my neighbors BBQ for helping. Oh darn.


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1 hour ago, Oakroscoe said:

I registered here instead of lurking to thank you.  There's a roadshow at a Costco about an hour from me in a week so I'll head down to get a big joetisserie and some lump charcoal.  Thanks for letting me know they have the big joetisserie!  Congrats on the big joe.  

Oakroscoe, you might want to call the store and ask them to verify with the on-site KJ rep before you go. The BIgJoetisseries have shown up in the shipped inventory only in the last two weeks, and only a handful per show. I had five this week in Maryland (and all sold, including one on the last day).  

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just want to resuscitate this thread and let you guys know the Santa Clara Costco did have the big joetisserie.  I called that Costco on Friday the 6th and the rep said he didn't have any but he might get some in on Monday.  The rep called me back Monday and said he got 5 of the big joetisseries in.  I couldn't make it Monday but I drove down Tuesday and they had already sold two.  I got the third one so if anyone is reading this there are two left.  I also grabbed four bags of lump charcoal since I was already there.  Thanks again for the heads up MichaelS.  Now I'm just annoyed I won't get to try it out until Sunday!

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Congrats on getting one @Oakroscoe. That deal is great, and like you, I can't wait to get going on my Joetisserie. I've been sticking to the Big Joe and getting the hang of temperature control down.   
What's the first use of your Joetisserie going to be?

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I have a couple chickens in my freezer that need to be eaten so rotisserie chicken it is for the first cook.  I have a good friend that is leaving the area to relocate in Texas in a couple months and before he leaves I wanted to cook something unique, so I figured I would get a suckling pig and try that on the big joetisserie.  


Temp control on the big joe was definitely a learning curve for me due to the size.  It took a few cooks but I eventually got it down.  Small moves on the air vents and then give it time to stabilize.  You'll get it down, it just takes a little practice.  If it's a low temp cook like smoking salmon then definitely use the divider plate for the charcoal to have a smaller bed of coals.  I found my biggest enemy was wind.  I can have it dialed in and then the wind picks up or dies down and screws up my temp.  Now I try to position the Joe so it isn't in the wind.  

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23 minutes ago, MichaelS said:

No sales tax. I am jealous. Indy made big money off me driving two miles into their city.



I waited a long time to catch the tax-free roadshow while I was home. Very happy to have done so this year! 


I was glad to be able to grab one of the rotisseries too! There would be some waste with the horizontal setup, but I am going to be very tempted to try a gryo cone. 

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