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K22 Deflector Dimensions


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6 hours ago, damascusmaker said:

Would anyone be kind enough to measure their deflector and post the dimensions? I have steel and a plasma cutter and intentions of making one. Thanks.


Pit Boss K22 Deflector.pdf

I can't say I'm too fond of the design.  If I were making one I would make it flat or even with tabs to lower it into the fire container some.  If flat weld some tabs to support the grill.  The way it is the grill sits flat on the deflector with no space underneath.  If you flip it over the grill will balance on the legs.  The way it is you can not use the 2nd tier of the grill and the deflector together as it stacks up so high it interferes with the lid.

Hope this helps


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That does help a lot. I'm not too far in to redesign. I'll take a look at how far I want the upper grill into the dome. Thinking Pizza. Just thinking if I thread the main  plate, One could have more than one set of risers? It'll be just as easy to weld on a big nut as the feet I just cut out.

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Well, here is what I ended up with. Forgot about the grate being hinged. It'll be an easy fix with a clip welded to the bolt heads to catch the outer ring or just fasten the flap down. Thanks for the help and ideas. Using bolts gives infinite flexibility. I have enough 5/8" all-thread to take a pizza all the way to the top of the dome. Don't worry, I burned the galvanize off the bolts and nuts in a well drafted forge then sandblasted to the bare steel. And the plate is steel even if it looks like aluminum,  just blasted and wire brushed.








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Looks good.  I wish I had waited to buy mine, I would have done something similar.  

Is there a function for the 3 extra holes?  Maybe they would work for grill stands to solve the hinge problem?  Double nutting some threaded rod or  ?



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I have the 22” Pit Boss ceramic grill with the 2 piece heat deflector and let me tell you one thing that is for absolute certain... those little bad boys get super HOT when they have been sitting over a fire for any time at all!!! And when I say, “sitting over a fire”, I mean just a fire consisting of some hot coals like you normally use when cooking slow and low, not a blazing fire for searing a steak or something like that. There was absolutely NO open flames at all!!! AND THEY DO NOT COOL DOWN VERY FAST EITHER!!! THEY COOL DOWN SUPER SLOW!!! Anywho, I was cooking some whole chickens last weekend and I had my fire going and as soon as my coals had ashed over Iproceeded to throw the deflectors on (again, it is a 2 piece set up, so it is 2 half moons) and begin cooking my 2 yardbirds. I was cooking them with the low and slow method, essentially smoking them with charcaol and some big chucks of wood on top of the hot, ashed over, coals. So, I let the birds cook for a bit, basting occasionally as I went along, and i then flipped them. While cooking and basting, I waited for them to finish off. Once they were to the point that in which I was satisfied, I had to turn up the heat to put a bit of “crunch” on the skin, if you will. So, I then pulled the 2 birds and then removed the cooking grates in order to access my heat deflectors. I had to remove them in order to get an “open flame” fire going in order to “crisp” the skins on these delicious looking birds. Birds, that I cant wait to sink my teeth into. So, I VERY CAREFULLY grab the first half circle with my channel locks (probably NOT the best tool for grabbing fragile, easily broken and very hot ceramic plates) and VERY GENTLY remove the first of 2 heat delectors and sit them one by one on a chunk of wood that I set aside just for resting this pair of really hot deflectors. After going back to the grill, adding a bit more charcoal to the existing hot coals, getting the new charcoal started, replacing the rack and placing the birds skin down after I get some small flames rolling off the newly placed charcoal, I then go and grab my infared laser thermometer and check the temperature of the 2 deflectors. The deflectors that, mind you, have been setting idle, off the fire, for approximately 10 to 15 minutes STILL read 450+ degrees Fahrenheit!!! And the kicker is this, when I pulled them off of the grill I was only running between 250 and 300 degrees inside the grill itself and these dudes were still 450+ degrees... 10 to 15 minutes later!!! So, “IF” you ever use any kind of ceramic anything with any kind of heat source… PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN HANDLING THEM… EVEN LONG AFTER THE HEAT SOURCE HAS BEEN REMOVED!!! THEY COOL DOWN AT A VERY VERY SLOW PACE!!! DID I SAY VERY VERY SLOW??? IM DEAD SERIOUS… USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN HANDLING!!! ALSO, DO NOT SIT THEM ON ANYTHING THAT CAN MELT AND/OR CATCH FIRE!!! AND KEEP AN EYE ON THEM UNTIL THE COOL OFF!!! DO NOT POUR/SPRAY WATER (HOT OR COLD) ON THEM IN AN ATTEMPT TO COOL THEM DOWN BECAUSE YOU WILL BREAK THEM DUE TO THE THERMO SHOCK!!!  I very easily could have warmed 100’s of tortillas on the stones had i been cooking fajitas or tacos. Easily grilled a grilled cheese sandwich or cooked a fried egg or SEVERLY BURNT MY HANDS, for that matter, had I unknowingly reached down and attempted to pick them up and move them or whatever other reason one may have for attempting to pick them up while they are still hot. I pity the fool who tries to pick them up, especially if the grill was 450-500 degrees with the deflector on there for a bit… EVEN WITH SOME SORT OF GLOVES ON, you’d be hard pressed to not get some heat and even luckier if you didnt burn yourself!!! GOOD LUCK moving foward in the future and I wish each and everyone of you who reads this absolutly NOTHING BUT THE BEST!!! And that goes for grilling, as well as, life in general!!!













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