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Rosemary & Mint Butterflied Lamb Shoulder

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Rosemary & Mint Butterflied Lamb Shoulder

Seems to be a theme this week. Keeping it simple !!

After the last couple of weeks, we have had, it is the only way possible. Nothing fun about having sick kids.
My all-time favourite roast meat is Lamb, that is my weak spot.

Rosemary & Mint Butterflied Lamb Shoulder from Woolworths was on the menu tonight, a reasonable quick cook and all the hard work (prep) had already been done.
  5aba37c9b5634_IMG_8810(Medium).thumb.JPG.d6bb2db8aad3f5b8f7cfac37181917d8.JPG  5aba37d943159_IMG_8811(Medium).thumb.JPG.005aea4b204344234dc8709e94e5a97f.JPG  5aba3773c93e4_IMG_8812(2)(Medium).thumb.JPG.8b72d1db2c759adb47665c5f53b0b554.JPG

Just a case of firing up the joe which is quick and easy with my new lighter. (Ozito special from Bunnings - I did a review over at www.kamadolife.com )


Aimed to cook as per the oven instructions (indirect) and then finish off with a good sear direct over the coals.


Total cook time was around 1hr and 20 mins, from unwrapping the lamb to slicing ready to eat.


I thought I had burnt the crap out of it at first glance, but it must have just been the sugar content in the marinade. There was an anxious moment cutting the roast and tasting it for the first time. Thankfully what I thought was burnt was actually a super tasty char, without even a hint of burnt taste. Phew. I think I dodged a disaster by a matter of minutes.


If you are stuck for inspiration, sometimes the store bought prepped roasts are worth a crack. The addition of smoke and charcoal flavour enhances it by a factor of 100!





Thanks for stopping by.


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