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Conspiracy Theory - KK's KK

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Ok - so after my challenge cook post, it appears some of the gurus have come up with a conspiracy theory that I may have acquired a Komodo Kamado.  Crazy, I know...  


I got to thinking about it, and maybe they are on to something.  


You remember that time earlier this month when @ckreef was going to unbox his new yakatori grill and I offered to go help, but said I might expect the favor to be returned one day.  




Oh, and then how about that time when I commented that I was going to behave myself since I had just spent a boatload of money.




And then there was that time when @MonsterDuckMadness questioned my blower choice for my Fireboard and I replied I went that direction for KK compatibility - if that ship were ever to come in.




And then there was my "fake news" thread in the cooler - KK picked up a KK - Say What?




And the comments that resulted... apparently @UTVol and @prowe are familiar with my kind of reindeer games.  




And my comment when @ckreef unveiled his plans for unloading his 1500 lb wood fired oven....  why in the world would I want to get my hands on a boom truck???  Other than the obvious, that it would be super fun..  




Then there was the discussion that led us to a last minute Indonesian flair driveway tacos cook for my challenge entry.




What was @ckreef thinking.... Christmas in March?  Get up early?  Cook in my driveway?  Maybe we need to have an intervention with him - he's really lost it...




I do lament that if things go south and my grill rolls into the street it would not be LOL.  LOL.




And the deal was sealed - driveway tacos it was!










But with all that said.... even I had to admit to @In2Fish that I can't be trusted.... 






So, what do we think???  Did KK really get a KK?  Did she deploy the help of a friend to just make people THINK she got a KK?  Is she a photoshop master?  Let's not forget to take into account what day it is after all....  

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Im a pretty burly man and have been waiting for you to proposition me for some time. I hope your husband likes my  2piece bikini.  

Ok - so after my challenge cook post, it appears some of the gurus have come up with a conspiracy theory that I may have acquired a Komodo Kamado.  Crazy, I know...     I got to thinking abo

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29 minutes ago, robertyb said:

Fake news...  :)


I'm with you 100%.  


Exhibit A:  The picture that cocked an eyebrow on my challenge cook thread....




Most of us know how OCD I am about color.... As far as I'm concerned there is black and then there is everything else... I couldn't even bring myself to put the Green (ewww - but not as ewww as red) Mini BGE in the family photo below....




Definitely fake news.... maybe.... ;)


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Admittedly, I am having fun....but... that KK is sitting in my garage as we speak. And I totally cooked in my driveway with it yesterday.


Sometime in the next couple of weeks there will be a trip through the house to land her on my back deck. I may be eyeing up and propositioning burly looking men in the meantime. And in this case, I don’t think my husband will mind too much and may even encourage it. Lol. 

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39 minutes ago, UTVol said:

WOW...so you did get it?  I just read your taco post and am now up to speed.  Why did you settle on that color vs. black?  BTW...this clip is what came to mind after getting caught up.


Congrats KK on your KK!!


Yep - I did get it!  Actually, I never would have dreamt of getting anything other than pebble black.  I was super tempted to snatch up dj-ia's deal he has on the KK he is selling - but I didn't love the color, the 800 mile trip would have shot my nerves, didn't really have the space, and the 23" Ultimate is a beautiful grill, but actually my least favorite of the KK lineup.  Actually can't believe that ones still for sale - if the circumstances were just a little different I would have swooped it up in a heartbeat....


So, I was browsing the KK site earlier this month, as I often do, and I see something that really catches my eye.  I hadn't ever seen one like it before.  I click on it and it's actually a Terra Blue made from all the tiles that were set aside that were too much Terra and not enough Blue.  Gorgeous - I fell in love - couldn't stop thinking about it and made a phone call the next day.  And the rest is history... as they say....


Totally can't believe I didn't get a pebble black... still shocked over that.  Honestly - everything I own of significance is black.  All the vehicles are black, with exception of one that I got a ridiculous good deal on that is grey, which is a shade of black so I tolerate it and one that is a classic.  Even my ATV's are black.


I already love it.  It's really going to be a game changer for me with winter access.  Right now, my Big Joe and Vision are rather inaccessible in winter - or I guess I should say not easily accessible.  I would be too nervous to have one of those on my deck with the high and unpredictable winds we have here all the time.  There are some features the KK has that have me at ease enough to have it on my deck.  I use Akorn Jr. a lot during winter, but not having any covered cooking area and not wanting it to get wet limits me as well - along with the space considerations for how much I can cook.


I have been fortunate in my short time kamado cooking to have used a number of different tools to execute the art.  I can honestly say, I really enjoy them all - the Mini BGE, the Vision Classic B, the Akorn Jr's and my Big Joe are still very near and dear to me.  I will continue to use my Akorn Jr's and my Big Joe quite a bit.  The Vision and the Big Joe live on the concrete patio which is where we live during the summer.  Now, I think I'm going to have to trim the herd a bit for space considerations (and because my husband "put his foot down" lol), so I'll probably be taking the Vision to work so I have a full size kamado there to make it easier to knock out a cook for everyone.... or sell it if I can find the right buyer.  Not interested in what I can get for it - I know I'll not get nearly as much as I have in it - but would be willing to let it go for a good price if the right person is interested... someone who really wants to get into kamado cooking.


And LOL on your video clip!  Love it. :)




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1 hour ago, Bgosnell151 said:

She’s a beaut!!!  I am incredibly jealous.  I have a few more steps to go before I’m thinking KK though.  BJ is next on my list (hopefully a demo deal so the little guy comes too).  Congrats!!!


You are going to really love the Big Joe.  I was pretty happy with my Vision - and then I got the Big Joe and WOW!  So much more space to work with - made things much easier since we really like to throw everything on the grill and not just the proteins.

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I thought you would have had to go about finding pictures of someone who had cooked on a relatively new KK in order to fake those photos..... So I was leaning towards you got one.  LOL.  I'm really happy for you.  My KK is still my most prized possession.  I am still amazed by it.


BTW there is a KK forum..........  There is a member there I know you will love :)

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