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Easter Bunny Delivered This Year

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Found this used Medium BGE on facebook last week. Just purchased a Primo LG Oval but could not turn down the $180 price. 


Overall it is is good condition, a little weathered. Plan to replace the wooden slats with some left over ash boards I am utilizing to build a table for the Primo. 


Question is, there is a lot of buildup inside the grill, is it safe to do a burn off as is or should I try and clean some of the buildup off before I do a burn off? Don't want a grease fire. 


Very excited to play with this grill too. 


BGE 2.png

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2 hours ago, 01Bullitt said:

Also need to replace the gasket. This one is about toast. Plan to replace after my clean-out burn. 


Will 600 for roughly 30 min be sufficient or too much?


I usually do mine up at 700 until about 15min after it stops smoking, then shut the vents, let it cool and brush it out

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I just gave it a good brushing with an aluminum foil ball after taking all the components out to inspect. Good news is, all the components are intact. No broken ceramic. I still plan to do a high heat burn to clean it out a bit. Since I was not the original user, dont know what all he burned in there.


I talked to him a bit and he said he never used lighter fluid and ran cowboy brand lump in it. It came with coals still in it. There were bricketts and what looked to be inteorior trim pieces in it. I saw inside his house when there and it looked to be the same. 


I feel I good hot burn will do the grill good as I now don't know what has been used as a heat source. 

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