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Anyone offer a stove type (fiberglass) gasket for Primo?


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I just acquired a primo from a friend who was downsizing.  I am replacing and upgrading components and really wanted an oven style/fiberglass or woven metal type gasket vs. nomex.  This just seems like a cleaner option for the grill surface. 


I read a story about someone using this type of gasket (thicker than the standard gasket) so they only needed to gasket the lid - not the cooking surface (limited grease and organic matter on a grate level gasket).   


Anyone do this? 


BTW - new to the group

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REalize this was posted a while ago but I dont see any responses.

So for those that come after and find this thread by a google search, a lot of people use the Rutland gaskets ,you can get them on amazon and they were , I believe, originally designed for wood stoves. 

Just google "Kamado Rutland Gasket" and you'll see what Im talking about.

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