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Unboxing New WFO - crazy delivery story.

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On 4/8/2018 at 3:44 AM, ckreef said:


Nothing better than Christmas in April :)


I know you remember the feeling you had unboxing your KK. Needed to experience that again but didn't need a third KK. I'm still riding a high.


Ohw no, my wife is not going to like this ;)

Happy when I got my first 'real' BBQ, the Weber 18

Happier, when I got my 21" WGS, and somewhat this feeling adding a WGA to the mix

Today got my Kamado, the feeling came all back, you're right almost euphoric


A real WGO was always on my list ... Thinkin of starting to bring ik casually in future conversations ;)


Good luck, looking forward seeing nice pies and breads from you

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On 4/6/2018 at 10:54 PM, ckreef said:

Ordered  a WFO from a company in AR. Delivery was going along as expected until it got to a local delivery terminal/company. There it sat for 3 days. They wouldn't answer their phone or respond to emails. Not a peep from them. Yesterday about 1:30pm they called. We're about to deliver your pizza oven in an hour. I laughed at them since I was 2 hours from the house. Ohh - they decided to deliver it today instead (so much for delivery appointments). I would be the last on the truck making it the first to deliver. I stayed home from work today patiently waiting. 


Around 9:30am got a call. The guys screwed up and put it first on the truck making me the last delivery stop. Fine! As long as it delivers today. I went to work for a couple of hours then once again came home and  patiently waited. 


At 3:30pm got another phone call. We have a problem, the delivery truck broke down on the exit ramp to your house. I have the part needed to repair it. Any mechanics near by? Otherwise we're going to have to tow the truck out of their. 


WOW, not so fast!  I know I can solve my problem and I'll try and solve yours. Bring the part to the truck and I'll bring tools. So basically using my tools, me and the driver fixed the truck and my WFO finally arrived at the house. The bright side of the story is the owner of the delivery company gave me $80 for helping fix his truck and the WFO was sitting in the yard just were I needed it - LOL 


Here is the broke down truck. That's my orange tool box. Also notice the trailer behind my car. That oven was coming home one way or another. 




So here it is finally arriving about 6pm.




Look at the determination. I didn't know Mrs skreef was snapping pictures. I was a little preoccupied. 




The red thing is a 4' level for size reference. 






The inside. 





The door, thermometer and free ceramic baking dish. 




This thing is huge. Can't wait to build a stand and get it fired up. I also ordered a SS chimney extender and rain cap. More to come over the next month or so. 









dang, what a beauty!  


what a crazy story, lol!!  

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7 hours ago, freddyjbbq said:

it was cool that you fixed the guys truck for him also.  dont hear too many stories like this.


And he gave me $80 for going out and fixing his truck. I would have done it for free just to get the WFO delivered. Saved him an easy $500 tow bill. Win, win for everyone. 


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1 hour ago, bel4_20 said:

Hey @ckreef, out of curiosity and the fact that I was a licenced mechanic what was wrong with that truck?


The radiator reservoir had a crack in it and would no longer hold water which shut the truck down on the interstate off ramp near my house. The owner of the shipping company brought a new reservoir to the truck. I just helped the driver swap it out using my tools. Easy enough. 


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