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Unboxing New WFO - crazy delivery story.

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On 4/8/2018 at 3:44 AM, ckreef said:


Nothing better than Christmas in April :)


I know you remember the feeling you had unboxing your KK. Needed to experience that again but didn't need a third KK. I'm still riding a high.


Ohw no, my wife is not going to like this ;)

Happy when I got my first 'real' BBQ, the Weber 18

Happier, when I got my 21" WGS, and somewhat this feeling adding a WGA to the mix

Today got my Kamado, the feeling came all back, you're right almost euphoric


A real WGO was always on my list ... Thinkin of starting to bring ik casually in future conversations ;)


Good luck, looking forward seeing nice pies and breads from you

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