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Kamado Joe Joetisserie Pork Shoulder

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Kamado Joe Joetisserie Pork Shoulder

Since my last couple of attempts were less than a perfect success. I have been busting to try again and get the crackling right. The last couple of times, Two Pork Roasts, Pork Belly proved that crackle on a Kamado can be difficult for the beginner. I was now armed with a lot more information (YouTube, Forums, FB groups etc.) and also have the Joetisserie to help get things done right.


Woolworths had some good looking product, and the price wasn’t too offensive, so a Pork Shoulder was my next attempt.


My main objective, get the crackling right and in my mind justify the cost of the Joetisserie. Following all the normal handy advice with regards to getting crackle. Dry the skin, salt, refrigerate uncovered etc. I was prepped and ready to go.


A side note – another awesome use for the Ozito electric fire starter – pork skin drier!! Works a treat. I have also since seen another hack where a similar device is used at the end of the cook to get that amazing popcorn style crackle, will definitely give that a go next time.


This cook was one of the simplest in terms of adding anything to the meat, it was literally just salt and oil. Letting the natural flavour shine, with the addition of the charcoal kiss. My fire management during the last cook was not up to scratch and I learnt a lot, that’s what this is all about. Trial and error.


Setting up the Kamado for this Joetisserie cook, I was very conscious of how I set up the fire and where to place the coals etc. I did not want the fire to get to large and I needed it to remain banked up one side of the Kamado, allowing the best chance for the crackle to shine. I also chose to not add any smoke wood, as the colour of the last one was quite dark and kind of detracted from the finished dish. I really like the golden colour of crackle.


Other than the initial setup there was not a lot to this one, simply monitor the fire and let the Joetisserie do its thing.


3 hrs and internal temp around 62,  later it was ready to rest.


The end product turned out magnificent.


Super tasty, super juicy and that crackle was to die for! Even my youngest (5yr old) now loves crackle.


Joe On !!



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