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Tsunami Wings and Stuffed Grilled Wontons

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Ok, in a surprising turn of events I ended up doing my challenge cook today.... wasn't planning on it, didn't even think I had everything I needed, but then I just decided what the heck and went for it.


I really enjoyed reading @ckreef's wing and thang post this morning.  He shared a lot of technique.  I decided I would dry rub my wings with cornstarch in addition to the rub and see what happened on a direct cook around 400ish.  I used Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin for the rub.  Really, no prep pictures here.  Put wings in bag with cornstarch and rub.  Shake.  Done.


It's gorgeous today - Big Joe got the call.... first time in a long time.  Should be decent tomorrow so I can clean and cover him up before next storm rolls in.




Prepped my filling for the stuffed grilled wontons.  Roasted shi####os, jalapeño (didn't use the poblano), cream cheese, shredded blend and pineapple jalapeño jelly.  




First up - roasting the peppers.  Tried the grate... just wasn't doing it for me.  Decided to toss them into the coals.  A little toasty fishing them out of there with the tongs, but no biggie.








Chopped up....




Mixed everything together....






And started stuffing my wontons.  Started with simple triangles, but ended up doing pouches later.  My first time doing this.  Hard to not overfill them.  








Wings had a head start on the grill.  




Then came the thangs....






Turned the wings occasionally since the were direct and then drizzled a little Tiger Sauce on towards the end.  Too lazy to make a true sauce with the butter and what have you...




First batch of thangs came off and put the second on while the wings finished.




Second batch of thangs finished shortly after wings came off....




Plated with more of the Tiger Sauce.... remembered how much I love that stuff today.  




This was a fun cook and easy to knock out without a lot of planning.  Not exactly what I originally thought I was going to go with... but close.  The wontons were really good and the wings weren't bad.  



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3 hours ago, ckreef said:

Excellent cook. I've never done grilled wontons but they are now on my short list of cooks to do. Excellent entry. 



I've done several wonton wrapper / egg roll wrapper cooks and they have all been great.  Something fun and easy to play with.  


2 hours ago, Smoke and Awe said:

I would say that's wings and thangs defined right there!  


Thanks!  I was going to cook and chop up some jalapeño sausage to go in the stuffing as well, but figured they would be just as good and less greasy without.


1 hour ago, Tioga said:

Man those wings look perfect. I like your Nakiri.


Thanks!  I like the Nakiri, too!  Thinking I might need to quit posting about it or @Ben S might end up regretting selling it to me. :)


57 minutes ago, Rob_grill_apprentice said:

That looks fantastic 


Thanks, Rob!


33 minutes ago, Bgosnell151 said:

Wow... they look awesome!!!


Thanks, BG.  Stepping it up for the challenge you know...   ;)  lol.  

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7 hours ago, KismetKamado said:


Thanks!  I like the Nakiri, too!  Thinking I might need to quit posting about it or @Ben S might end up regretting selling it to me. :)



No regrets, I had to make room for new toys. The problem is a still need room.  

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That looks great. I've not used wonton wrappers on the grill, but I'll add it to my list of things to do! Tsunami Spin is a great rub, one of my favorites. Love it on wings.

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