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Gluten free pizza recipe?

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I have been looking around for a gluten free recipe but i haven’t been able to find one. We want to have some friends over for some pizza but one of them can’t have gluten. Any help you be appreciated. We currently use and enjoy the recipe from John Seltzer.

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On April 22, 2018 at 3:07 PM, bcrgrill said:

Here is a good one from scratch, but will take buying a bunch of separate flours.

Found this while searching the Guru website. Am on a carb cutting mission. I like the frank comments on how this will not be the same dough as gluten dough.


 -Gonna have to work on obtaining some of the ingredients. I anticipate a learning curve process making this recipe.


I prefer recommendations from us Gurus as recipes that get posted have been "tried and true". 



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It's not traditional pizza crust, more like a flatbread, but my wife's favorite gluten free recipe is just half brown rice flour and half potato flakes.  I usually make enough for two at a time:

3/4 C Brown rice flour

3/4 C Dehydrated potato flakes

1/2 t salt

3/4 C water

mix dry ingredients in a bowl and start adding water until it sticks together nicely, but it shouldn't be too runny.  then I take half and roll it between two sheets of wax paper, pretty thin it should spread out to be about a 10-12 inch crust.  Then I stack them on a cookie sheet still in the wax paper and freeze for at least two hours.  Remove paper and throw on grill or oven for about 5 minutes until slightly brown, then flip over,  top and finish baking. 

The Ken Forkish recipe also has good reviews but I've not made that yet for her.

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