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Custom Cedar Table for Kamado Joe

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HI guys, I have recently moved to a new house so wanted to share my new setup. It's nice to have a covered porch for rainy days     

Another progress made. Lower bottom shelves are pre-cut and pre-fitted. Middle section is plenty strong. I had my uncle stand on top of it which is roughly half of the grill weight lol.  All ther

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On 8/27/2020 at 11:15 AM, 12v_dub said:

BTW, someone stole my small KJ Jr. set up one night. Since then, I have installed a fence. still upset about it!! 


First of all, huge kudos to you on your fabulous table!  It is a work of art that is highly functional.  Well done!


Seriously??  So sorry to hear someone stole your KJ Jr. set up — that stinks!!  I’d be upset about it too.


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Hi there - can you provide the measurement from bottom of the bbq shelf apron to the ground. I checked all the pdf on drop box but no measurements given.


Lower shelf is 6".


Building this now in workshop and just realised I'm missing that :-)


Thanks so much table is awesome. My first go at something like this I'll be happy if mine turns out 50% as good.




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Not too bad for my first go at woodworking - thanks again @12v_dub for the photos and detailed plans.


I used a kreg jig with a longer bit to drill pilot holes for 3/8" hardwood dowels for the frame. I added a few pocket screws to support the BBQ shelf but otherwise it's all poor man's mortoise and tenon :)


I don't have access to a planer/joiner as you can see but I'm happy!


The 4x4's cracked on me when they warmed up in the shop (pretty common when you have posts with the centre grain I'm told). Structurally they're fine buy I used an exterior wood epoxy to fill the cracks just in case.





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