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Big Joe retrofit hinge is here!

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On 5/30/2018 at 10:54 AM, deity6667 said:

It looks like KJ in the US might be replacing my entire grill which i'm more than happy about and certainly was not expecting. Cant wait!



Don’t know the whole story, but was the gap there from the get go

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3 hours ago, Whatnopotatoes said:

Don’t know the whole story, but was the gap there from the get go

Hi - no the original BJ was perfect with no gaps. My dome cracked April 2016 and since receiving the replacement i have not been able to align the base and dome together without a gap. 


The only thing not replaced in my BJ is the fire ring and the bands.

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Small update - for a couple of weeks it went quiet from the KJ side - i was following up every two or three days to check in. Got an email today saying i should receive tracking details soon.

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On 4/29/2018 at 9:24 PM, deity6667 said:

yes the process is roughly:


1. Remove the tensioning bolt on the top band and then undo the akorn nuts on the top band and let the hinge slowly rise up (might need two people)

2. undo the akorn nut on the bottoms band.

3. pry the hinge off the bottom band- took a bit of effort on my one

4. attach the new hinge to the bottom band first

5. attach the hinge to the top band 

6. remove the hinge safety (spacer,washer and nut) - this engages the spring

7. open and enjoy how easy it is. They also show how to adjust the spring for more or less pressure




Hi there, first post for me, long time KJ user.


For quick context, I've been through a couple warranty claims with KJ and am now installing a new hinge on my grill. I'm installing the hinge on a "new" dome/base, but b/c KJ's warranty claims dept right now seems to be extremely backed up/non-responsive, I didn't get any paperwork on what I got, but I imagine it's a 2017 model or something like that. The old bands I had from my original 2014 model don't exactly fit the slightly new shape.


My specific question relates to the hinge installation. The hinge appears to be the exact same hinge as the picture from the original post. 


I got the hinge a while ago, and have definitely lost the instructions. I also think I made another mistake in that I have cut the tie (see pic below).


But my biggest mistake is when I released what you are referring to in Step #6 as the "hinge safety". I see now why it is there. Without the hinge attached to anything, just on a patio table, and as I was monkeying around with the hinge trying to see how it should work, I released the nut and the spring fully released in a very violent manner. 


So, now I'm a little gun shy.


I re-tied the tie that I originally, cut, installed the hinge on the top/bottom band, BUT I have reattached the hinge safety.


My question is what will happen if I release the hinge safety now? My instinct says that it will be fine b/c there is significant weight preventing the spring from releasing when there isn't a giant lid on top of it, but I'd like to confirm.


Thanks for your help.


Kamado Joe Hinge Replacement 1 of 2.jpg

Kamado Joe Hinge Replament 2 of 2.jpg

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