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Heat Deflector Primo Kamado all in one

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Hi all, I want to buy a heat deflector for my primo kamado but it seems like there is only one option and it is a solid stone (not two pieces).  Are there any 3rd party heat deflectors that work with the Primo kamado?  


Just as a side note, I feel like the Kamado does not have as many accessories as other Kamado brands and/or the oval shaped primos.  Am I just looking in the wrong places?   Will other kamado brand accessories work for the Primo?

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    • By mfbab
      This is a companion chart to the original comparison chart I posted last week. I thought of a couple more lines to add.

      **FYI: If no phone number is listed, this means that I was not able to find ANY phone number on the company website…If you can find an actual phone number for BGE or Primo, you’re doing better than I am. 
      **Manufacturing Info was verified in print or by phone for each model. 
      **None of these websites are volunteering much about where they’re made, with the exception of Primo which has “Made In USA” Plastered across the top of the page!!  You can’t even do a Google search by brand and find out where they are made, they are all very secretive about all of this outsourcing. 
      Quality/Price Gap:  These are all manufactured in and imported from other countries (outsourced) to cut costs and drive profits.  (**Except for Primo)
      - The reason CharGriller can sell for so much less is partially by cutting materials costs (steel as opposed to ceramic) and assembly time, but also partly because they are selling at a higher volume in big box stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Kroger, etc…As opposed to smaller/higher end boutique style shops like most of the other competitors.  K-Joe is in Ace Hardware here, which is a fairly large store but it has nowhere near the traffic of the box stores. 
      - Vision has also increased their exposure by going through Sams Club and Home Depot, which helps them sell at a lower cost through higher volume and exposure. 
      Just an interesting article about Kamado's some may not have seen:
      2011 New York Times Article w Brief United States Kamado History:
    • By mfbab
      OK, some of you guys may have looked at the last comparison chart I posted the other day.
      On one of the other threads, CeramicChef said that he'd like to see some customer satisfaction numbers added to that chart.
      Well, at the time, I really didn't have any idea where to find that type of info, and then today I noticed that Kamado Guru has a customer satisfaction poll pinned at the top of each separate Kamado forum, so I started poking around and this chart pretty much just filled itself in....
      Also, I tried to make this chart as just an extension of the other one, same brands, same order, etc...

      **I have taken the given data directly from the surveys shown below and reformatted into a 100% scale by category.  There are 4 categories. 
      The conversion formula applied was as follows:
      100 divided by the total number of votes in the category, then that number multiplied out by the number of votes per column. This was applied to each category and was reformulated specifically for each category and grill based on the number of votes given for that category specifically.
      This was an incredibly simple and accurate solution that I didn't apply to the first chart because it was unnecessary, but after prodding from CC and CKReef I decided to redo the chart in a more, shall we say "palatable" format for people who can't read numbers or a bar chart
      In other words, you may have a problem with how the data was collected, or maybe even with the sample sizes because different numbers of people responded to the survey based on brand, but the math used is rock solid and the percentages given are THE EXACT correct percentages based on the data supplied. 
      **This data is DIRECTLY from the Satisfaction Surveys pinned at the top of the Kamado forums by brand (they are shown below too).
      **I encourage the members who haven’t voted in these polls to do so, it will only help other people make their buying decision and may actually lead to manufacturers improving their products, who knows?
      **Also, as pertains to the Akorn and the quality of construction argument that always comes up in the “Akorn Vs. the Field” type threads, well, let’s just say this chart kind of puts a big damper on that party!! J
      - The Akorn may not be the most highly rated brand of all, but these numbers paint a picture of an overwhelming majority of satisfied customers in that camp.
      - I think logic and common sense laid the quality argument to rest a long time ago, but for those stubborn few who still try to keep it alive, you’re arguing with this chart now.
      I can’t believe I never noticed these satisfaction surveys before, I only post on the Akorn board, but after finding the survey pinned there today it hit me that they were probably pinned on all of the boards, and they were. 
      Thanks to Kamado Guru for having these surveys up and thanks to CeramicChef for asking me to add satisfaction data to my comparison chart, I'd have never compiled this list without your suggestion!  At the time I looked at your comment as sort of a n impossible question to answer, and without these surveys it really would be impossible to get the same series of questions asked about each grill in the same place, what an asset.  After compiling this data, it strengthens the original comparison chart nearly double, this will be a tremendous research tool for potential buyers. 
      Who knew that the best available answer to that valid question was right under our nose the whole time?
      **Disclaimer:  I just want to put this out there.  I’m honestly not trying to push some agenda with the Akorn, I really just see this as a way to somewhat clear the air about the negative quality issues (rumors and innuendo) that a few people on the board here keep trying to perpetuate. 
      I use an Akorn and I am satisfied and have no plans to “upgrade” to a ceramic or any other model in the future.  But that’s just me, I honestly don’t care what anyone else uses, but I do want the Akorn to get a fair shake as a legitimate Kamado, not just a cheap Chinese knock-off.
      This is just the truth.  You can pay more, and for some there may be a legit reason for doing so (ie: size selection, weather exposure, even just personal taste), but no one should be fooled into thinking that they need a ceramic to get a quality Kamado experience. 
      I sincerely Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I did compiling it, these numbers tell an interesting story to me.   
      The screenshots below are the actual polls located in their respective forums here on Kamado Guru:




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