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It's been a good ride...


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After 9 years the dome thermometer on my Bubba Keg has given up the ghost. I know it wasn't the best way to measure the temps, but I learned to use it and it's done well for me over these 9 years. It was - I assume - a quality thermometer, back in the day, as it was able to be calibrated. That's something you don't see on a lot of grills these days. I usually calibrated it when the weather started warming up in the Spring. I assumed that because it wouldn't register below 100* that the coil got out of whack during the low winter temps.

I'll have to brag on the old keg. I've never had any problems...gaskets, hinges...nothing. I sealed around both vents when I got it and it when I get it close to the target temp, it holds it very well. We understand each other - most of the time. It resides under the car port.

I bought Bubba from Home Depot in 2009 when Bubba Keg was switching brands to Big Steel Keg and they were on sale for about $350. It's one of my best investments.

A new thermometer is on it's way. It's a Tru Temp and I'll have to learn it - just like I did with the original one. It just won't say "Bubba Keg" on it.
Bubba isn't as handsome as he once was - nor am I - but we still have many more cooks to go.

If the new thermometer lasts almost 10 years I'll be a happy (well fed) old man.


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8 minutes ago, TKOBBQ said:

You forgot the title:


An ode to the bubba keg thermometer.


Written by: Rip




Hopefully the new one does you as well, I've heard nothing but good about Tel-True thermometers.

Just wait 'til you get old. You'll appreciate old stuff!

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I had a BSK and foolishly sold it to "upgrade" to a Kamado Joe. My KJ is a nice unit and perhaps a bit better out of the box with all the included parts and pieces. I miss the fuel efficiency of my keg. Bigger learning curve but a great northern  cold weather cooker,

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My Keg cooks like a champ.  To me the very best accessory is the Tip Top Temp and three small magnets.  I've had my TTT now for about 5 years and holding constant temps is still easy.  My thermometer is still accurate, but when the time comes, I'll buy a Tel True as well.

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My Big Steel Keg is best. I have a ceramic also. But keg will turn out food moist and fuel is at a very minimum. Over all it’s  a keeper. Have had mine if not mistaken about 11 years now. Mine is kept inside store room. It’s seen sunlight only twice.

have not replaced anything except lump charcoal. I use a Big Green Egg

plate setter. Another great safety feature is the screen on bottom. I have close vents at 650 and locked up store room with no concerns. Think that this model is a outstanding 



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