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Custom Cedar Cart Table for Kamado Joe J.r


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I am building additional cart table for a newly inquired KD Jr grill i purchased yesterday with an additional of a classic II I have. This will be a simple construction of same style as my other table. Overall dimensions of the table will be 25" x 25" x 31 1/2" 

Lower shelf is gonna have a 12" x 12" x 2" thick paver as a base. here is a sketch up drawing . I will be posting pictures of the build this week. 




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12 hours ago, Hungry Joe said:

What type of wood? Almost looks like cherry and or poplar.

Looking forward to the finish product. I have a JR that needs a home.


I'm using red western cedar for my projects. 


Here are all the pieces pre bored with festool domino machine. Today I will glue and assemble everything and clamp it down for a day. Received some goodies from amazon. Magnetic bottle opener as well as some hooks for utensils etc.. 






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6 minutes ago, Hungry Joe said:

Liking the Festool.

I never could justify one of those for the little bit of woodworking I do. 

I've tried and have come close but never pulled the trigger and yet I somehow know I'm missing something.

Keep the posts coming.


They're definitely expensive and the only reason i'm using it is because our shop carries them for woodworking. It definitely makes the job easier as well as strong joints. 

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Got the lower top installed and fastened to the frame. Tomorrow I will be installing the upper top and cutting out a hole. Shelf had to be split in 2 pcs to be able to fit it in the opening. once dried, it will be hard to tell it was jointed together. I used Kreg jig to make pocket holes on the inside of the rails for additional strength of the table. those are the only screws that are being used for this table. everything else is glue and dominos.

Pics of the progress....










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